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Tractel "HT Promast" 5 Point Rope Access Harness with Front and Rear Connection Points and Work Positioning Belt

Model:  HT Promast / TPRA-4455

Part N° Size Option Guide Price Quantity
S Standard £  200.34
M Standard £  200.34
XL Standard £  200.34
S Elastrac £  219.42
M Elastrac £  219.42
XL Elastrac £  219.42
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Designed for work on ropes during extended-duration suspended interventions. 2 fall arrest points, 1 belly suspension point and 2 working positioning points on belt.

Tractel Ht Promast Harness

The HT Promast harness is designed to provide the user with a high degree of comfort when working in suspended positions, and thus allows extended-duration work in suspended positions.

Compliant with standards EN361 – EN358 – EN813

Features and Options

Comfort is enhanced by:

  • The back X-Pad,
  • The mountaineering-type leg straps,
  • The ergonomic belt.

The HT Promast harness comprises:

  • 2 fall arrest anchorage points, back and chest,
  • 1 belly suspension point,
  • 2 work position holding points on either side of the belt.

The HT Promast harness is equipped with automatic closing buckles.

Optionally, the HT Promast harness can be equipped with Elastrac™ units allowing elongation of the harness shoulder straps to match the user’s body and to stretch the webbing on each movement. The units ensure elongation of the webbing of up to 4 cm.

The accessories available for the HT Promast harness include the saddle as well as the accessories needed for rope ascensions: ascender handle, chest ascender, Jumar LSD lanyard and ascender pedal.

Components and Characteristics

HT Promast Labelled Components

The harnesses come in three sizes: S / M / XL. All of the harnesses come equipped with an X-Pad in their standard configuration

  1. X-Pad made of sealed closed-cell foam protected by a reinforced canvas cloth on the outer side and a honeycomb cloth on the inner side
  2. Mountaineering-type thigh straps
  3. Fall indicator on all anchorage points
  4. Closing buckles Automatic buckles made of black anodised aluminium and stainless steel
  5. Adjustment buckles. Buckles made of zinc-plated + black cataphoresis treated steel
  6. Back anchorage point : 65 mm back D-ring made of zinc-plated + black cataphoresis treated steel
  7. Belt anchorage points : Large-sized wide-bowed D-ring on work position holding belt
  8. Belly anchorage point : Polyester webbing loop ensuring higher user mobility
  9. Chest anchorage point : polyester webbing loop
  10. Webbing: Polyester, 45 mm, black and blue
  11. Tool and saddle holder rings
  12. Elastrac™ unit

Weight : 2.1 kg


Description Code Size Back Fall Arrest Anchor Point Chest Fall Arrest Anchor Point Thoratic Fall Arrest Anchor Point Side Work Positioning Anchorage Points Belly Suspension Anchorage Point Option
HT Promast S A XP 65242 S 1 1 0 2 1 Standard
HT Promast M A XP 65252 M 1 1 0 2 1 Standard
HT Promast XL A XP 65262 XL 1 1 0 2 1 Standard
HT Promast S A E XP 65712 S 1 1 0 2 1 Elastrac
HT Promast M A E XP 65722 M 1 1 0 2 1 Elastrac
HT Promast XL A E XP 65732 XL 1 1 0 2 1 Elastrac

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