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Tractel "Anchor Plate" - Used in Conjunction with Right or Left Ascent Handle

Model:  Anchor Plate / TPUI-3903

Anchor Plate
Tractel Anchor Plate
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Tractel "Anchor Plate"

Anchor Plate

Allows to remount on the cord in conjunction with Right or Left ascent handle.

The anchor plate is used to fasten several connectors on a single anchor point.

This device directs and distributes the load when performing rescue and load handling operations.

The anchor plate is made of aluminum and comprises 6 holes, 1 central load take-up hole and 5 load take-up holes.

Technical specifications

  • Body made of light aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions 200 X 150 mm
  • Strength > 1.5t
  • Weight 250 g
Tractel Anchorage plate datasheet watermark.pdf

Tractel Anchorage Plate Datasheet

(approx. 1.8Mb)

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