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Tractel "Ascent Clamp" (foot loop) in Adjustable Webbing Strap

Model:  Ascent clamp / TCIA-3902

Ascent Clamp
Tractel Ascent Clamp
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Tractel "Ascent Clamp". Adjustable strap foot loop

Ascent Clamp
Tractel Ascent Clamp Diagram 2
Tractel Ascent Clamp Diagram 1

The handle, equipped with an ascending loop used with a rope clamp, enables independent upward movement along a rope.

The rope clamps are used independently for rope manoeuvres.

The ascending loop is made of 20 mm PA strap, adjustable from 0.80 to 1.60 m.

Technical specifications

  • Ascending loop PA 20 mm.
  • Adjustable buckle, zinc plated.
  • Supplied without connector and Handle
  • Length : 1.4 m.
  • Weight : 70 g.
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