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Sala Harness Accessories

Model:  SHA-4671

Part N° Item Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
Confined space lanyard - Spreader bar for rescue harness 1.30 £  84.00
Anti-Slip kit for 45mm webbing (pack of 6) 0.05 £  5.50
Belt pouch 0.27 £  27.00
Webbing strap 0.19 £  20.00
Tool lanyard 0.29 £  34.50
Tool or Lanyard parking point 0.01 £  6.50
Large transport bag / Holdall 1.52 £  38.00
Delta pad for full body harness 01.9 £  24.50
Back pack 0.44 £  20.50
Suspension relief safety strap for full body harness 0.10 £  30.00
Rescumatic storage bag 0.22 £  41.50
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Accessories and attachments to be used with various SALA harnesses.


Webbing Strap
Tool Lanyard
 Sala Pouch For Belt  
Tool Or Lanyard Parking Attaching Point
Webbing strap
  • Designed to elongate the rear fall arrest attachment point - making it easier to attach / detach a connector of a retractable fall arrest device.
  • Equipped with a triangular screw ling for attachment to a harness fall arrest point.
  • Manufactured from highly resistant polyester webbing.
  • Length 400mm (including triangular link).
  • WARNING - This item is ONLY to be used as an extension strap, for direct connections between a Sala harness fall arrest point and a Sala retractable fall arrest device to EN360.
  • Should NOT in any circumstances, be connected to a lanyard.

Tool lanyard

  • Safely tether tools to prevent injury / damage.
  • Twin leg supplied with 3 x karainers.
  • 13.6kg capacity.
  • Retracted length: 860mm.
  • Extendable lenght: 1270mm.
  • Tools NOT indluded.

 Belt pouch

  • Attach to belt by loops.
  • Velcro cover.

Tool or lanyard parking point

  • Attaches with velcro.
  • Prevents tools or lanyards dangling freely.
Sala Back Pack
Sala Holdall
 Anti Slip Kit Of Harness Webbing  
Delta Pad For Full Body Harness

Back pack

  • Blue and Grey.
  • Ideal for keeping you kit together.

Large transport bag / Holdall 250 x 600 x 300mm

  • 250 x 600 x 300mm (H x W x D).
  • Blue and yellow.

Anti-Slip kit for 45mm webbing

  • Pack of 6.

Delta pad for full body harness

  • Increases comfort for wearer.
Suspension Trauma Safety Straps
Spreader Bar Lanyard    

Suspension reliefe safety strap for full body harness

  • Suspension trauma safety strap - Helps prevent the effects of suspension trauma after a fall by allowing vicitim to stand up in their harness.
  • Allows user to stand in harness after a fall - Allows the worker to relieve the pressure being applied to the arteries and veins around the top of the legs.
  • Attaches to almost any harness - Attaches to most harness sizes, styles and brands right in the field within just minutes.
  • Fast and easy installation - Simply choke the trauma pack around the harness web at the hip and the system is ready.
  • Extremely compact and lightweight design - Ensures the system stays out of the worker's way for added safety and productivity.
  • Simple and fast zipper style deployment - Extremely simple and fool proof design only requires user to unzip packs and hook straps together with built-in hook and loop.
  • Continuous loop design - Accommodates one foot or both feet relieving pressure to both sides and allowing for added movement of the legs for increased comfort, balance and improved circulation.
  • In-field re-setable design - Allows user to properly train with device, getting familiar with the operation withoute having to purchase anbother.
  • Capacity: 140 kg
  • iSafe Equipped: No
  • Label: Ribbon, Silk Screen
  • Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Product Styles: Trauma Strap
  • Product Types: Full Body Harnesses - Accessory

Confined space lanyard -  Spreader Bar for rescue harness

  • Large D-ring attachment point.
  • For simple attachment to your evacuation system.
  • Confined space lanyard.
  • For use with rescue harness equipped with shoulder mounted D-rings.
  • Used for vertical lifts.
  • Designed for confined space or rescue situations.
  • 19mm gate Steel Snap Hooks.
  • Easy, simple, secure connection.
  • Built in spreader bar.
  • Prevents shoulder straps being pulled in during use.
  • Anchor Connector Hook Type: D-ring
  • Harness Connector Hook Type: Snap Hook
  • Number Of legs: Twin-Leg
  • General Lanyard: Nylon Webbing
  • Weight: 1.50 kg
  • Product Styles: Rescue
  • Product Types: Work Positioning


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