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Ridgegear "Trauma Straps" for Fitting to All Ridgegear Harnesses

Model:  RGK42 / RTS-3786

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Ridgegear Trauma Straps
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Suspension trauma safety strap helps prevent the effects of suspension trauma after a fall.

Trauma Straps

This new Exciting innovation is simple yet effective for use in conjunction with fall arrest harnesses.

It eases the discomfort to the user whilst suspended from a lanyard after a fall. The leg straps of a conventional harness do not prevent the webbing straps from cutting into the groin area during suspension, and loss of circulation to the legs and feet is often likely.

Standing on the trauma strap relieves the pressure tot he groin, and releases the tension within the webbing. The trauma strap is fitted to the harness prior to use.


  • Ridgegear suspension trauma strap helps prevent the effects of suspension trauma after fall.
  • Allows worker who is suspended to stand up in there harness to relieve pressure on the groin area.
  • Can be fitted to all Ridgegear harnesses.
  • Easy to fit your existing harnesses
  • Extremely small and will not get in the way
  • Very easy to use and adjust in a matter of seconds

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