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Ridgegear "RGL20" Kinetic Fall Arrest Lanyard (Elasticated) Choice of Karabiners, Scaffold Hook or Snap Hook - Length Options 1.3m or 1.8 Metre

Model:  RGL20 / KFAL-3734

Part N° Length (m) End fittings Guide Price Quantity
1.3 None £  33.36
1.8 None £  41.07
Special RGL20/1.3-1
1.3 Aluminium twist lock karabiiner and steel screw gate karabiner £  47.16
Special RGL20/1.8-1
1.8 Aluminium twist lock karabiiner and steel screw gate karabiner £  55.02
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Kinetic expanding fall arrest lanyards in lengths off 1,3m and 1.8 metre.

Kinetic Lanyard

The RGL20 is usually supplied in two standard lengths: 1,3 m and 1.8metre excluding connectors. The RGL is a new innovation in safety lanyards, which incorporates inner webbing that, in the event of a fall will stretch under a constant controlled force thus reducing the impact on the wearer. The outer webbing provides additional strength way in excess of the 22kN requirements of EN354.

Typical results show a breaking load of around 27kN. In addition to the ambient test required of EN354 / 355, this product has also been tested in wet, frozen wet and frozen dry conditions of - 35 degrees C.

The RGL20 only has these 2 components thus providing versatility, simplicity and negates the need for a separate bulky shock pack. The fall arrest force trace is a lot smoother than with conventional tear webbing, and the permanent elongation (displacement) is also less at approx 1.20 metres for a fail factor2. Tear webbing extends by approx 1.55 metres, therefore the clearance below the user can be reduced. Inspection is simplified due to minimal use of components, and the total weight is less than other typical lanyard types.

The RGL20 also incorporates a rip stitch indicator that automatically deploys in the event of a fall. The outer webbing is also treated with a water repellent coating, which should extend the life of this product.

This lanyard should be used when the operative is working from a static position, connected to a fixed anchor point.


  • Accredited to: EN354 and EN355

  • Web material: 26mm inner shock absorber webbing polyester 40mm 29kN outer webbing polyester
  • Fittings: Any compatible EN362 karabiners
  • Weight: 0.35 kg (without connectors)
  • Features: Totally integrated system
  • Max fall arrest load: <6kN

RGL20 Specifications

(approx. 1.5Mb)

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