Ridgegear Fall Arrest Lanyards - Single Leg

Quick Ref: CN-1590


Ridgegear webbing lanyard and shock absorber supplied in lengths of 1.3m and 1.8 metre.

Ridgegear Webbing Lanyard and Shock Absorber is an industry standard, and normally the minimum equipment issued with a harness for working at height. The webbing used in the manufacture provides grater strength, wear and sheer resistance compared to other webbing. It is also treated with a water repellent coating which should extend the life of this product. Available in lengths of 1.3m and 1.8m.

Kinetic expanding fall arrest lanyards in lengths off 1,3m and 1.8 metre.

Ridgegear Kinetic Fall Arrest Lanyard in 1.3 or 1.8m, webbing material 26mm inner shock absorber webbing polyester 40mm 29kn outer webbing polyester.
These lanyards are compatible to any EN362 karabiners. The RGL20 only has these 2 components thus providing versatility, simplicity and negates the need for a separate bulky shock pack. The fall arrest force trace is a lot smoother than with conventional tear webbing, and the permanent elongation (displacement) is also less at approx 1.20 metres for a fail factor2. T

Fall arrest lanyard for use when the operative is working from a static position connected to a fixed anchor point,

Ridgegear RGL6 Elasticated Fall Arrest Lanyard is a general purpose lanyard which can be use when the operative is working from a static position. The elastication in the lanyard reduces the amount of hanging slack in the lanyard, which can be helpful when working in tight spaces to help reduce trip hazards and entanglement. Available in Lengths of 1.3m and 1.8m.

Kernmantle Synthetic Rope lanyard supplied in 2 lengths.

Ridgegear Kernmantel Lanyard  is of traditional type, using 12mm kernmantle rope with machine stitched connection eyes at each end. The lanyard is fitted with a standard shock absorber pack, even though the rope itself has some shock absorbing capacity. The rope used in the manufacture of this lanyard, shows some resistance to alkali's, oils and organic solvents. Available in lengths 1.3m and 1.8m.

Utility lanyard with Velcro double sided tab fitted to karabiner.

Ridgegear RGL11 Utility Lanyard is fitted with triple action Karabiner for added safety Triple action hook provides quick and extra safe connection to harness 'D' ring and double action on outer end allows for quick connection to approved EN795 anchorage point., Can be attached direct to suitable anchorage point or can be chocked around pole or similar structure. Available in one length of 1.7m. Available with different hook / karabiner options as required.

Adjustment fall arrest single leg lanyard supplied 1.2-1.8 mtr no hooks supplied.

Ridgegear Adjustable Fall Arrest single leg Lanyard is an industry standard, and normally the minimum equipment issued with a harness for working at height. The 40kN webbing used in the manufacture provides greater strength compared to other webbing and systems. This lanyard should be used when the operative is working from a static position, connected to a fixed anchor point. The lanyard is available 1.2 to 1.8m. NO HOOKS SUPPLIED.

Energy Absorbing Shock pack.

Ridgegear RGL7 Standard Shock Pack is similar to the standard shock pack, which is fitted to all of the Ridgegear fall arrest lanyards. this unit is also fitted with a "back up" length of webbing for reassured strength and security. The transparent protective sleeve covering the unit, allows the user to visually inspect the condition before and after each use. Available in fully deployed length of 1.75m.

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