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Sure-Grip Demarcation Barrier System

Model:  DB-2344

Functioning Demarcation Barrier System
Sure-Grip Demarcation Barrier System
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Demarcation Barrier.

Sure Grip Barrier

  • The Sure-Grip Demarcation Barrier System Guides a user across a roof top avoiding fall hazards
  • This is an economic solution to delineate a safe working zone on a roof top
  • The system is a non-penatrative, maintenence free, easy to install system designed to create a safe working/ walkway zone across a roof top
  • The Sure-grip demarcation barrier system should be installed a minimum of 2m from a fall hazard. The system should not be used to guard a fall hazard but to direct people away from one.
The System Comprises:
  • A recycled PVC weighted hose
  • A recycled PVC post
  • A recycled PVC Chain link

Suregrip Rail System

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