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Demarcation Barrier System for Marking Out a Safe Working Zone

Model:  DB-2344

Plastic Chain Temporary Barrier
Demarcation Barrier System


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Demarcation Barrier supplied with bases, uprights and chain to suit your required system length

Demarcation Barrier

The demarcation barrier is a cost-effective, weather-resistant, highly visible and maintenance-free solution for keeping workers away from fall hazards and in the safe work zone.

Used for clearly marking out a safe working zone on a rooftop and used to direct a worker away from a fall hazard, rather than to guard it. With only three main components (Base, Upright and Chain), the system is super quick and easy to erect and dismantle.

To calculate the required number of uprights and bases the required, the length of system should be divided by three and then plus one. A 21 m length system requires 8 uprights and 8 bases (21 / 3 = 7 +1 = 8).

Note: The correct number of  Bases, Uprights and Chain length will be supplied to suit your required system length.

  • Easy to install, and once in place needs no maintenance.
  • When installed will create a barrier system with an average installed height of 950mm
  • Withstands wind speeds of up to 105 mph - the lattice structure ensuring wind circulates around and through the system, rather than pushing it over.
  • Consists of only three simple parts: recycled PVC weighted base, post and chain link.
  • Is non-penetrative and requires no specific training to install.


The base which measures 500mm x 500mm x 72mm (L x W x H) is manufactured from recycled tyres complying with BS4790 for flammability, BS 1006 for UV stability and BS 7188 for slip resistance.


The uprights (960mm) are manufactured from a 304 stainless steel to EN 1.4301. And powder coated which enhances lifespan and gives a quality finish.


The colour-fast plastic chain and connecting links are fully weatherproof, resistant to salt, chemicals and frost and can be used within a temperature range of -10º C and +75º C. Supplied in 25m lengths and can be cut to size or joined using the chain links supplied.


  1. Place the first base in the required position, ensure that the system is placed at least 2m from any fall hazard.
  2. Slot an upright into the base, the posts should be placed at 3m intervals
  3. The chain is then placed on the hook on the upright and linked to the next section of chain with the chain link supplied.
  4. Repeat process until the demarcation zone is completed.


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