RUD Bolt Down Swivel Lifting and Lashing Points

Quick Ref: CN-1911
RUD Bolt Down Swivel Lifting and Lashing Points

Starpoint Vario Eyebolts - RUD VRS (Will swivel to direction of the load).
Rud INOX-STAR Stainless Steel Eyebolt. The RUD Pentagonal design is clearly distinctive when compared to the DIN 580 eye bolt. All Eyebolts are marked with a clear WLL indication for the most unfavourable load direction. Manufactured to an extremely High Quality, With a forged ring body out of the material 1.4462, stainless steel, and then 100% electromagnetic crack detected and with a 4 :1 design factor.

RUD VRM Eyenut which can be adjusted to the direction of pull.

Higher load capacities than DIN 582-Eyenuts. Star shaped design. A clear distinction from the DIN 582 eye nut. Colour: A striking fluorescent pink powder coating. Identification: Clear WLL indication for the most unfavourable load direction F (not permissible for DIN 582). Forged material 1.6541, high tensile and annealed, 100% electromagnetic crack detected according to EN 1677-1 and with a 4:1 design factor.

Bolt-on Swivel Load Rings with Link - RUD VLBG, full WLL in all directions, with optional bolt lengths The RUD lifting ring VLBG swivel hoisting rings can rotate by 360°, aligned to the direction of lift, the load ring can be tilted and will give  100% WLL in all load directions. The bolt supplied with the VLBG is captivated so that it becomes a part of the lifting assembly and is 100% crack detected. The maximum lengths of the screws are adjusted in a way that a material thickness of abt. 8xM (with M8 to M30) or 5xM (with M36 to M48) can be mounted by using a hexagon nut (ISO 7084/7090).
Bolt-on swivel hoist ring / load ring with ball bearings for super rotation. Optional bolt lengths.
Bolt Down Swivel Lifting Point - RUD Power Point Star - RUD PPS. The first generation of lifting-and-lashing points with a universal connection for every sling means (hook- and ring assembly, basket chains, round slings, loops, etc), are all complete with double-ball bearing for smooth lifting and turning operations. The optimized design avoids damage to the sling means and the precious load during turning. Maximum WLL with smallest thread diameter. Version PP-S: The standard universal connection by eye hooks for master link assemblies, round slings, wire ropes, hook assemblies...
RUD load ring suitable for all loading in any direction. Swivels 360 degrees, pivots 180 degrees. Dimensions approximate. Suitable for all loads which swivel and tilt. Can be loaded in all directions with a 4:1 design factor. Swivelling under full load is permissible provided the inclination angle is not perpendicular to the screw - in direction. Not suitable for permanent swivelling under full load. Suitable for through bores. Easy assembly due to the single threaded tapping. High tensile, inspected suspension ring according to EN 1677 or DIN 5688-8. The surface is pink powder coated and zinc plated.
Bolt-on Load Rings - RUD RBG/VRBG. Lifting points ready for bolting with patented relief naps (up to RBG 15 t), protecting the fixing screws against bending- and shearing loads. All versions with 100% crack detected bolts. The patented relief lugs (DBP3123175) protect the securing bolt against bending and shearing loads to provide additional safety. Stowable with smaller bolts and thus low profile.
A forged ring according to EN 1677-1, quality grade 80, electromagnetic crack detected and coloured red. It is in compliance with the approval requirements of the respective employers' liability insurance association (BG).
Loadable from any side in the direction of pivot. Features a swivel bolt with ball bearing (for a shock-free turning by 360°).

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