Crosby McKissick and Lebus Pulley / Crane Blocks

Quick Ref: CN-1101
Liftingsafety has nearly every type of Crosby Group block priced for online purchase. We can provide a competitive quote for any items not priced online.

Crosby McKissick (Champion) Snatch blocks are the most popular items of lifting equipment that we sell worldwide though these only represent a small proportion of the different types of wire rope pulley sheave blocks that we offer, crane blocks, oilfield blocks, hook blocks etc. To name only a few. Special wore rope blocks can also be made to our customers specification.

We supply McKissick and Lebus pulley blocks worldwide, the range is so large that there is a block to suit almost every application.

Infact Crosby offers the greatest choice of forged snatch blocks in the lifting equipment industry and can be supplied with roller bearings or bronze bush. These is a wide choice of sheave diameter and wire line size for general purpose and heavy duty applications

  • Crosby rigging snatch blocks available as Tailboard, hook suspended or shackle suspended
  • McKissick crane blocks cab be manufactured to your bespoke design.
  • Easy reeve crane blocks, scrap handling crane blocks, Tilt-up wall blocks, construction blocks, overhead bridge crane blocks are also available.

All McKissick blocks are now available with the Crosby QUIC-CHECK, RFID - Radio Frequency Identification System

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