Crosby McKissick Oilfilled Blocks

Quick Ref: CN-1297


Oilfield Servicing Tower/Derrick Hoist Blocks.

These blocks have a painted and galvanized finish. The 8" and 10" blocks are furnished with dual rated wireline sheaves. They have forged steel swivels, tees, yokes and the shackles are quenched and tempered. The recessed side plate design reduces the gap between the sheave rim and the side plate and allows the sheave assembly to be captured in the block if loss of centre pin occurs. The sheave is lubricated through the centre pin for easy maintenance.

Oilfield Servicing, Well Logger's Blocks.

Made from alloy aluminium housing for maximum strength and minimum weight. Conductor cable ONLY is recommended for use with Well Logger's Blocks. These are made for use in high speed well logging, perforating, etc. Designed with an extra-large double row, with a pre-adjusted sealed tapered bearing. Quick opening pin for fast string-up, light weight for easy handling.

Oilfield Servicing, Crown Blocks.

These Oilfield Crown blocks are built using McKissick Roll-Forged sheaves with flame hardened grooves. They are designed with double row pre-adjusted sealed tapered bearings mounted on a steel shaft and heavy centre and side plates for proper support of centre pin. They are supplied in pre-assembled units for rapid attachment to crown assembly for installation on derrick. On multiple sheave assemblies, one sheave can be grooved for sand line on request.

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