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Sala "Exofit Nex" Rope Access Suspension Fall Arrest Harness with Front and Rear 'D' Rings & Work Positioning Belt

Model:  Exofit Nex / SNRA-4165
Manufacturing Standard: EN361, EN358, EN813

Sala Exofit Nex Rope Access Harness Front View
1113965 1113966 1113967 1113968 Dbi Sala Exofit Suspension Front Pr 600x800
Sala Exofit Nex Rope Access Harness Rear View
1113965 1113966 1113967 1113968 Dbi Sala Exofit Suspension Back Pr 600x800
Sala Exo-Fit Nex Front View Sala Exo-Fit Nex Rear View
Part N° Size Weight (KG) Colour Guide Price Quantity
Small 2.20 Black £  299.00
Small 2.20 Blue £  283.00
Medium 2.30 Black £  299.00
Medium 2.30 Blue £  283.00
Large 2.40 Black £  299.00
Large 2.40 Blue £  283.00
XL 2.50 Black £  299.00
XL 2.50 Blue £  283.00
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Sala multi task harness which will give operatives access to almost any area in safety. Conformity: EN361, EN358, EN813.

Sala Exofit Nex Rope Access Harness Rear View
Sala Exofit Nex Rope Access Harness Front View

Exofit Nex Rope Access and Suspension Harness

The ExoFit NEX™ Suspension Harness incorporates the most advanced technologies in the industry.

These multi-use harnesses are ideal for the professional performing rescue and emergency services, industrial rope access and rigging, wind energy and tower maintenance—as well as for arborist activities.

An all black version is also available for theatrical rigging, lighting technicians, police and military applications.

The harnesses combine specialised designs, components and hardware to optimise rope rescue and industrial rope access work.



These harnesses are comprised of materials that provide the ultimate in comfort even during extended use, but won’t add unnecessary weight.

We add moisture wicking padding wherever appropriate to keep you dry and cool all day and implement critical adjustment features that allow for a perfect fit.


ExoFit NEX™ will provide the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential.

Innovative safety devices and ground breaking design features—such as Duo-Lok™ quick-connect buckles, Tech-Lite™ aluminum D-rings and Hybrid comfort padding—permit the wearer to work smarter, faster and safer.


The ExoFit NEX™ harness is designed using materials of lasting strength, including Repel™ webbing and Tech-Lite™ hardware made from aircraft aluminum.

It can withstand incredible demands on a daily basis.

Each ExoFit NEX™ harness is built to perform to the highest standards in the harshest of environments.

Individual Components (front)

Moulded Lanyard Keepers Repel Technology Webbing Ultra Soft Edging Hybrid Comfort Padding Duo-Lok Quick Connect Buckles
Easy storage of connectors, that pop open to avoid snagging hazards. Water repellent to reduce attraction of mould and dirt - also has up to 5 times more abrasion resistance. Soft-Feel edging eliminates chafing and improves comfort. Lightweight, moisture wicking, and breathable padding won’t move or slip, keeping the wearer comfortable at all times. Lightweight one-handed use with memory-fit web-lock ensures fast, non-slipping connections.
Moulded Lanyard Keepers
Repel Technology Webbing
Ultra Soft Edging
Duo Lok Quick Connect Buckles
Hybrid Comfort Padding

Individual Components (rear)

Tech-Lite Aluminium D-Rings Superior X-Design Covered Labels and I-Safe Reflective Material PVC Covered Gear Loops
Extremely lightweight alloy commonly used in military and aerospace offers ahigher level of security and comfort. Design is based on a single piece of material in the shape of an “X” that wraps around the wearer for the ultimate in comfort, security and no-tangle donning. The labels and i-Safe™ are covered and protected from abbrasion and damage under inspection cover ofbelt pad. For greater visibility in dark and dangerous environments, reflective material is integrated on legs, chest, shoulders and back. Black version
3 conveniently placed gear loops, left, right and centre back. Ample for transportation requirements.
Techlite Aluminium D Rings
Superior X Design
Covered Labels And I Safe
Reflective Material
Pvs Covered Gear Loops

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