Crosby Sling Saver and Synthetic Sling Fittings

Quick Ref: CN-1096
We offer all of the Crosby Sling Saver Fittings, which when used prevent wear and therefore prolong the service life of slings, which can be expensive to replace.

Crosby sling savers are steel end fittings designed to be used on polyester flat web slings to increase usability, durability; offering a unique lifting concept matched by no other lifting equipment manufacturer

Crosby Sling Saver fittings are designed to be used with polyester lifting slings. Synthetic slings have the advantage of being extremely light weight and therefore easy to manage compared to steel slings though they are also prone to abrasive damage and impact damage; the Crosby sling saver provides a steel extremity end fitting to overcome this. Crosby sling saver system is designed to be used synthetic polyester webbing (web) or round slings to a maximum WLL of 50 ton.

  • Soft slings help prevent damage to the goods being lifted, Crosby sling saver steel end fittings offer durability and long life, providing a professional lifting and slinging system.
  • Large selection of terminations to help provide different rigging solutions.


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