Crosby Lifting/Lashing Chain Slings Components

Quick Ref: CN-1099
All of the Crosby chain sling components out of the 2009 Catalogue are available to buy at a competitive price from

We offer in this category fittings / components that are used to make a lifting chain sling. All of the can be purchased as separate items or we at Liftingsafety can assemble the components into a lifting chain sling to our customers specification, please contact our sales team at any time for a competitive quotation.

We can supply a Crosby chain sling made to your specification, tested and certified. Crosby lifting slings fittings are a premium product and should only be compared with other top quality sling system manufacturers.

  • Crosby bespoke lifting chains are of the highest quality and can be provided as 1, 2, 3 or 4 leg, to your chosen length with shortening clutches (or the Crosby Eliminator) and with a wide choice of hooks.
  • All slings can be made with grade 80 (grade 8) or grade 100 (grade 10) if a greater SWL is required.

 Please also see our standard range of chain slings and components.

We are also a supplier of non-Crosby chain slings and fittings, if you are looking for an alternative chain sling then please use the link provided, where you can choose and assemble a complete chain sling from grade 80 chain, grade 100 chain or stainless steel chain all with components to suit.

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