Crosby Connecting Links

Quick Ref: CN-1932


Crosby 10 Hammerlock Alloy Connecting Link / Component Connector.

The Crosby LOK-A-LOY 10 Alloy Connecting Link is used to connect grade 10 lifting chain though this chain connector is suitable for use with both Grade 80 or Grade 100 chain. The lock alloy links are Individually Proof Tested at 2.5 times the Working Load Limit (WLL) with CE certification.
Features: Locking system that provides for simple assembly and dis-assembly - no special tools needed, 25% stronger than Grade 80, meets ASTM A-952-96 standards for Grade 100 chain fittings, forged alloy steel - quenched and tempered.  Fatigue rated.

Crosby Double Clevis Link.

This is the range of Crosby S247 Double Clevis Links; all the load pins used are Alloy Steel that is quenched and tempered and the body is body is forged and heat treated carbon steel. Working load limits offered are from 1.18 tonne to 4.17 tonne. Designed for linking all popular sizes of the Crosby Spectrum 3 and Spectrum 4 chain to rings, end links, eye hooks, pad eyes, tractor eyebolts, etc. Quick and easy assembly.

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