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LiftingSafety "Tube Hoist" Low Headroom Wire Rope Lifting Hoist. Options Manual or Air Powered (Pneumatic) - Range from 250kg to 750kg

Model:  TH-3204

LiftingSafety Tube Hoist
Part N° Capacity (kg) Standard Tube Length (ft) Standard HOL (m) Guide Price Quantity
3204-T5718 250kg 4ft 9m £  3807.22
3204-T5719 500kg 4ft 4.5m £  3807.22
3204-T5720 750kg 4ft 3m £  3807.22
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Extremely portable and light-weight pole hoist ideal for confined space hoisting. Up to 9m HOL dependant on SWL.

LiftingSafety's pneumatic tube hoist is a wire rope lifting hoist that allows the user to use the tube of the hoist to connect to anchorage point above the item to be lifted with the rigid tube elevating the need to anchor the hoist to the floor.  Much the same as using a pulley  and anchoring the hoist to the floor except safer and quicker. We offer available in the following 3 capacities: 250kg at 9m HOL, 500kg at 4.5 metre HOL and 750kg at 3 metre HOL.

Open Drum Version - For Greater lifting Heights

The open drum version of the MiniLift lifting hoist is available in the same safe working loads at working heights up to 45 metres. Please note that the open drum version is supplied in two configurations:

  • Open frame design (connecting the overhead pulley sheave to the hand hoist)
  • No tube or frame. For this option both the hand hoist body needs to be mechanically fixed to a suitable anchorage point. Please contact our sales department for more information.


  • Light in weight.
  • Alternative speed of lift.
  • Automatic fail-safe braking system.
  • 2-speed manual operation minimises operator effort and allows rapid wind-in/wind-out when unladen.
  • Optional air drive attachment available for powered lifting.
  • Torque limited overload protection on winding handle.
  • Cable laying system prevents snagging of cable, reduces cable wear.
  • Speed governed descent allows smooth, effortless lowering.
  • Versatile operation and choice of mounting arrangements.
  • Built to meet the highest health and safety standards.
  • Fast for light loads, slow for heavy loads.
  • Perfect control at all times.
  • No dirt or oil to contaminate foods, etc.
  • Lowering positioning to a fraction of an inch.
  • Quick and easy to suspend and remove.
  • Ideal for delicate loads.
  • No chains to cause damage.
  • Optional air motor drive.

Additional Hoist Information

The tube hoist has established itself in many industries over the years, giving long and satisfactory service. The range comprises of 3 different capacities, these are 5 cwt (254kg), 10 cwt (508kg) and 15 cwt (762kg), which offer a selection of light lifting solutions and cover many applications within a great range of industries. The ultra light weight of the tube hoist range provides many advantages over more conventional equipment, allowing complete portability and the facility for using one hoist in place of a number of fixed lifting devices.


Designed to incorporate the advantage of light-weight aluminium construction with low head-room and simplicity of operation. The tube hoist gives the greatest possible ease of operation in confined spaces. It is simple to raise and lower the load to a fraction of an inch.

Tube Hoist in Use
750kg model (3 rope falls and pulley)

Top Hook Suspension
750kg Top Hook and Pulley
Bottom Hook
750kg Bottom Hook and Pulley

Hoist Mechanism

Embodies a sliding drum onto which a single layer of cable is wound. The drive is provided by means of sprockets and roller chain, all the hoist spindles being carried on ball bearings. The load is raised by a hand crank engaging on the primary drive for fast lift and on a secondary drive to allow a reduced ratio of lift on three to one.


The brake mechanism is of the band type faced with friction material, being permanently engaged to sustain the load. Pressure on a lever conveniently situated upon the back of the hand grip disengages for lowering. Whilst lifting, it is automatically disengaged by means  of a free wheel mechanism. For controlled speed of drop, light pressure should be applied.

Where accurate positioning of the load is required the winding handle can be re-engaged and maintaining slight pressure on the brake the load can be wound down to within the close limits.

Automatic Lowering Brake

This automatically regulates the speed of the drop under free fall conditions by centrifugal force to a controlled safe rate for even the heaviest load, details of the controlled fall are given in the tables below.

Wire Rope

The high tensile steel wire rope is of the highest quality. The load is carried on one rope on the 250kg, with two ropes on the 500kg and 3 ropes on the 750kg model.

Tube Length

The standard tube is 4 ft long (approx 1.2 metre), though can be supplied shorter or longer to suit our customers requirements; generally  supplied up to 8ft (2.4 metre) long though longer tubes can be supplied if required. We can also supply extension tubes the temporally increase the length of the standard tube, obviously these can then be removed again (quickly and simply) after use

Winding Handle

A non-rotating crank is supplied incorporating an automatic throw-out mechanism between the driving pin and dog, so as to obviate the necessity of removing the crank before lowering.

Optional Air Drive Motor - Powered Lifting

For intensive use application or if speed of lift is critical we can supply all of our Mini lift tube hoists with a pneumatic motor fitted. The air drive motor provides excellent duty capability and precise control for demanding lifting applications in harsh environments. 

  • Specification: 0.85 H.P.
  • 1100 r.p.m. free speed, 600 r.p.m. full load speed.
  • Maximum stall torque: 21.7 Nm (16 lb/ft).
  • Air supply: 35 CFM at 90 psi.
  • Weight: 8kg (18 lbs).


Prompt service facilities are available. Annual inspection, test and re-issue of a test certificate can be provided. Details will be provided upon request.

Inspection and Test Certificate

All components are carefully tested for compliance with specifications, heat treatment, accuracy and interchangeability, and all are designed to withstand a safety factor of five to one on the rated lift. The hoists are tested on overload the the British Board of Trade requirements of Docks and Harbour Board requirements. A certificate of test is issued with each tube hoist.

Dimensions and Specifications

Technical Dimensions
Model 250kg (254kg) 500kg (508kg) 750kg (762kg)
Two lifting ratios. One rev. of winding handle lifts load Slow gear 29mm (1.14") 15mm (0.57") 10mm (0.38")
Fast gear 93mm (3.66") 47mm (1.83") 31mm (1.22")
Speed governor controlled fall (with max load) 508mm/sec (20"/sec) 305mm/sec (12"/sec) 229mm/sec (9"/sec)
Weight of hoist (without trolley) 16kg 17kg 18kg

*Other  tube lengths made to order.


Operating Instructions

Complete operating instructions and user manual for the materials lift tube hoist.
(approx. 1.4Mb)

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