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Tractel Wire Ropes for Use with Tractel Tirak Lifting and Pulling Machines

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Standard wire ropes for use in Tirakā„¢ cable pulling / lifting machines from Tractel. Anti-spin version available upon request.

Tractel Tirak ropes have been specifically developed to suit the Tractel Tirak. The rope is manufactured to extremely high tolerances which are necessary for the reliable operation of the product mechanism inside the machine.

Any other rope, even one that appears to be of the correct size which fits the machine is definitely NOT acceptable and could seriously affect the lifespan of your product. Efficiency and safety of the friction grip in the product depends entirely upon the rope being exactly the right diameter and of a construction designed to withstand the immense gripping power of the traction system.

Machines and Rope Sizes

  • Tirak X300 / X400 / X500 / X800: 8.3mm. 0.270kg per metre (excluding reeler)
  • Tirak X1000 series: 9.5mm. 0.340kg per metre (excluding reeler)
  • Tirak X1030P / X1033P / XA1030P: 10.2mm. 0.400kg per metre (excluding reeler)
  • Tirak X2000 / X3000 series: 14mm. 0.702kg per metre (excluding reeler)

See the materials lifting tirak (X-Series e.g. X301) or the man-riding tirak (XP-Series e.g. X301P) for more information.

Tractel Tirak

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