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Tractel HT45 VertyTrac (Standard Buckles) Fall Arrest Harness With Front and Rear 'D' Rings

Model:  TH4-3541

Tractel Ht45 Manual Buckles
Tractel Elastrac Pack
Tractel HT45 Standard Buckle Harness Tractel Elastrac Pack
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Multi purpose harness ideal for use within the industrial maintenance sectors to EN361.

The HT45 harness is derived from the HT44. It has 1 back anchorage point 1 sternal anchorage.

Main functional advantages of HT45 safety harness:

  • Multiple purpose utilization, particularly in an industrial maintenance environment
  • Very comfortable to use over extended work periods, thanks to its harness-type leg straps
  • Possibility for using a fall arrest connected to sternal anchorage.


The HT45 safety harness complies with the requirements of standard EN 361. The HT45 safety harness comes in three sizes: S / M / XL.
The product codes are as mentioned above.


  • Blue harness with black seat straps
  • Straps made of 45mm polyester
  • Buckles made of zinged steel
  • Adjustment buckles made of yellow dichromate steel.

Main Components of HT45 Harness

  • 1 back fastening point,
  • 1 sternal anchorage
  • 2 leg strap adjustments
  • 2 shoulder strap adjustments
  • 1 sternal adjustment.


Elastrac Pack:

This harness can now be supplied complete with two Elastrac packs fitted.

The mechanism in the pack enables the rear straps to stretch by up to 4cm, thus providing improved comfort. This elasticity is long lasting and does not alter over time.

Elastrac Features:

  • Increased ease of movement thanks to the Elastrac™ straps controlled extension.
  • Right balance in between the strap flexibility and rigidity thanks to the proven concept of the Elastrac™ case.
  • Elastrac™ strap lasts up to 10 times more than standard elastic straps:
  • The case cannot be broken if used normally.
  • The Elastrac™ strap is much more resistant to climatic and chemical aggressions than standard elastic straps.
  • Increased security: Control of the harness extension in case of a fall: +/- 12 cm with a mass of 100 kg.
Tractel Ht45 Manual Buckles Tractel Elastrac Pack
FT harnais HT 45  f gb .pdf

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