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PP ''Chunkie 180 Stretch' Single Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard from "Webbing" with Screw tri link and Captive eye Screwgate Karabiner - 1.8m

Model:  Chunkie 180 Stretch / PASL-3996
Manufacturing Standard: EN355:2002

Chunkie 180 Stretch 90227scamk201
PP Chunkie 180 Stretch Single Leg Fall Arrest Lanyard
Guide Price £ 46.00  

Single leg Stretchable lanyard with large aluminium double action snaphook

Chunkie 180 Stretch 90227scamk201

Single leg lanyard suitable for arresting potential falls. The lanyard incorporates a 'tear-web' energy absorbing pack

Material Specifications

35mm polyester elasticated stretch webbing with a 'tear-web' energy absorber in a PVC shrink sleeve

Attachment Points

Steel screwed 'tri-link' on the energy absorber and a large aluminium double action snaphook on the other end

Size / Length




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