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Mechanical Jack with Integrated Load Moving Skate - 1000kg (Per Pair)

Model:  MJ-679

Jack And Skates In Use
Activating the jack mechanism and lifting the load


Unit Price £ 150.00  

Mechanical Jack Skates.

Mj Mechanic Jack Square 500x500

These Mechanical jack sets are supplied in pairs and with a single handle. They are used as a set to lift and aid maneuvering of large objects such as cabinets, cupboards and  furniture etc.

The mechanical jacks should be used in conjuntcion with a set of Corner Movers - Use the handle to lift the object on one side and slide the 'lip' / 'toe' of the jack under the object, activate the jack mechanism, and then slide corner movers in accordingly.

  • Lift the object from the floor easily.
  • Sold in sets. Each set includes 1 lifting handle and 2 mechanic jacks / 'wheel'.
  • Wheel Material: Steel
  • Approx. Weight: 10kg
  • Lift Height Min. / Max.: 12mm / 50mm

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