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SALA "AG6250000" Manual Descender. 10 to 100m Rope Length - Rope Diameter 11mm

Model:  Sala AG6250000 / MD-2801

SALA AG6250000 Manual Descender with No Rope or 10m, 20m, 30m, 50m & 100m
Rope Length (metres)

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Personal Descender.


  • Reduced bulk : 123 X 70 X 35 mm
  • Feather light : 370g
  • Aluminium body and handle (light and resistant), stainless steel lockable cam (highly resistant to wear)
  • Double action security opening: push button and unlocking carabiner
  • Highly ergonomic, thanks to easy handling
  • Energy absorbing system integrated into casing
  • Anti-panic system (blocking rope if handle is at end of its run)
  • Conforms to EN 341 Class A standard.

The ideal descender ! The R250 is a versatile tool for rescue teams. It allows descent, evacuation and work on the rope. Descent is easily controlled, thanks to the descender’s handle, and an anti-panic function eliminates the risk of accidents caused by incorrect handling.

Ergonomics and long lifespan. The careful design and the ease of use mean that R250 is a very practical device. Its push button, ideally placed, means that one of the side plates can slide, allowing the rope to be positioned. It should be noted that it is not possible to open the device in this way when it is in use, as it is blocked by the carabiner. Its aluminium articulated side plates make it very light, and its stainless steel lockable cam ensures that it is highly resistant to rope wear.

The R250 Lory is supplied with a aluminium 1/4 turn twist lock gate carabiner, of lightweight yet solid gage.

Usage limits:

  • 1 person
  • Max 150 Kg
  • Descent: Max 100 m
  • Conforms to: EN 341 Class A standard

Rope Specification

  • Rope Type: Polyamide
  • 11 mm diameter
  • Resistance to tear > 2200 daN Lockable stainless steel cam Moveable side plates Push button

Descender Specification

  • Body : aluminium descent handle, articulated aluminium side plates, lockable stainless steel cam.
  • Resistance to breakage : greater than 15 kN
  • Net weight : 370g
  • Carabiner : Aluminium AJ554, 1/4 turn twist lock gate.

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