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LiftingSafety "AutoHook" Automatic Gravity Load/Release Hook, Range 2,000kg to 10,000kg

Model:  LAGR-4403

Part N° WLL (kg) Weight (kg) Guide Price Quantity
4403-T22930 2,000 6 £  437.78
4403-T22931 5,000 16 £  703.84
4403-T22932 10,000 30 £  975.20
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Gravitational Release Mechanism, No access to Hook Required

The LiftingSafety "AutoHook" Gravitational Automatic Load/Release Hook allows for automatic Loading and Releasing of loads from a remote access point and does not require the operator to be in the area.

This can be useful if the load is in the following conditions:

  • Temperature - The environment is too hot/cold for the operator to remain.
  • Heigh - The operator cannot gain access to the load easily.
  • No Access - if the load is out of reach by the operator.
  • Aggressive conditions - The environment is too dangerous for the operator to access.

Once in position, the opening and closing of the AutoHook is controlled simply by gravity, during lifting the hook closes and remains closed, once the load is layed out the hook will release by pressing on the load allowing the hook to be positioned away from the load.


  • 1 year warranty
  • Hot epoxy coating.
  • FEM Group : A5
  • Following the European Directive 2006/42/CE
  • Manufactured without load bearing welds.
  • Safety Factor (coeffecient): 3
  • Minimum breaking load: 3 x WLL
  • Static test coefficient : 2
Auto Hook

General Safety Advice

  • Take one load only at each lifting operation
  • Only lift when the red point is no longer visible
  • Do not use with fragile loads
  • A minimum load of 10% of the WLL must be respected
  • The hooks are not appropriate for a permanent assembly
  • Temperature of use : -20° to +100°C
  • Use textile slings only with manual positioning, making sure the sling is correctly put in place in the bottom of the hook.

Dimensions and Specifications

WLL (kg) A (mm)
B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) I (mm) J (mm) K (mm) Weight (kg)
2,000 100 Ø 374 38 38 32 Ø 25 291 12 68 12 6
5,000 140 Ø 470 47.5 48 40 Ø 30 370 20 100 20 16
10,000 121 98 526 55 55 40 Ø 45 327 25 132 35 30

Auto Hook Dimensions


Auto Hook Demo 1
Auto Hook Demo 2
Before Lifting: Place the hook into the Lifting Eye until the end of the hook is reached, if reaching the hook/load is difficult to access, allow the operator to have a decent view of the lifting eye.
Auto Hook Demo 2
Auto Hook Demo 3
Lifting the Load: The hook closes automatically upon lifting, the operator has to check the the red end point of the hook is no longer visible to ensure maximum safety.
Auto Hook Demo 2
Auto Hook Demo 4
Releasing the Load: The hook opens automatically once the load is laid down, the hook can then be released from the load.

Video example of the Auto Hook in use

Video example of the Auto Hook in use with an Operator

Video example of the Auto Hook in use without an Operator

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