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Hydraulic Load Movers. Jack and Skate combination - Load Capacity 1800kg (Per Pair)

Model:  HLM-676

Cabinet Furniture Moving Skate Wheels
Hydraulic Load Movers, Jack and Skate Combination in Use


Unit Price £ 740.00  

Hydraulic Load Movers.

Hydraulic Load Movers

Set of hydraulic load moving skates, for professional transport of heavyweight items such as switch cupboards, safes, containers and machinery etc.

Operation is simple: Position lifting plates underneath item that is to be moved, secure using the ratchet and lashing securing straps, lift the item on both sides to equal height with the in built hydraulic jacking mechanism, and move.

  • Ideal for delivery, removal, maintenance and assembly applications.
  • Should be used on flat smooth surfaces.
  • Sold in pairs: which consists of two transport units with hydraulic lift and build-in securing straps.
  • Strap length 5 meters.
  • Steering  handles for direct wheel control.
  • Load is easily transported and exactly positioned.
  • Support rails with protective covering.
  • Powder coated finish.
  • Heavy duty wheels with ball bearings.
  • Non-marking polyurethane wheel suitable for carpeted flooring.
  • 1800kg Capacity
  • Lift Height: 250mm
  • Weight: 86kg (Per pair)
  • Overall Size: 680 x 420 x 1070mm

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