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Trolley Truck Mounted Manually Manoeuvred Floor Operated Hydraulic Drum Rotator. Lift Height 1350mm to the Base of the vertical Drum - 350kg

Model:  HDR-682

 hydraulic drum rotator Side And Front View
Guide Price £ 2281.58  

Hydraulic Drum Rotator.

Hydraulic drum rotator in use

Ideal for tilt and rotation of 210 litre drums - Steel, Plastic and fibre

  • Capacity 350kg
  • Drum is gripped from ring of top, cradled and held secure by steel support bars with toggle clamp from centre of drum
  • A special bottom gripping support is installed for extra security
  • Hand pump hydraulically operated
  • Picks up 210L drums in either vertical or horizontal position
  • Max lift height 1450mm from floor to base of horizontal drum
  • Max lift height 1350mm from floor to base of vertical drum
  • Manually rotate a fully loaded drum 360 degrees in either direction at a gear ratio of 60:1
  • No marking poly wheels with total stop wheel locks
  • Overall Size (mm) 1980 (H) x 900 (W) x 1220 (L)
  • Weight 200kg

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