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Miller SafEscape Off-shore Wind Energy Rescue and Evacuation Kits with Humidity-Resistant Storage Case.

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Miller safEscape Kit
Miller safescape Kit
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Kits Reducing inspection and maintenance costs Providing 10 Year between inspections.

The Miller SafEscape Elite rescue and evacuation kit is designed specifically for offshore application on wind turbines and oil rigs to protect the contents of the kit from environmental factors ensuring that the emergency lifesaving equipment is in 'As New' condition in the unfortunate event that it needs to be deployed!

The Elite system is in actual fact a bespoke kit and is supplied in configurations to suit each customer's individual specific needs and environment though can be tailored to suit all emergency rescue and multiple person evacuation scenarios.

Miller safEscape KitAll emergency kits are purchased by responsible employers in the 'Hope' that they never need to be used. It is the employer's legal reasonability to ensure that the emergency kit is in good / usable condition when needed. The anti humidity case provides physical and weather protection for the emergency height safety equipment; though this on its own is simply a 'clever box'; what makes the Miller Elite kit unique is the combination of Box and Contents.

The Miller Elite kit has a shelf life of 10 years between servicing requirements (subject to conditions) which means that the kit can be used on offshore wind turbines, oil / gas rigs, on ships or in any other remote location without the need for the equipment to be returned for servicing or inspection every year (as with other manufacturers). After 10 years Miller also offer training so that the Elite Kit can be serviced by your own technicians after the 10 year period has expired!

Much Lower lifetime cost of ownership

With other manufacturers, the Servicing and User Training costs are usually far greater than the cost of the hardware (Over a kit like time) – ‘Not’ with the Miller Elite.

Thanks to Miller’s high quality robust and extremely resistant components re-certification is only required after ten years or can even be carried out by the end user (after training). Most other manufacturers advise that the kit is be returned for servicing annually! When used for offshore or in other remote locations returning the kits every 12 months would be unbelievable expensive, not to mention the cost for a second ‘back-up’ kit while the kits are off site being serviced.

To comply with the Working at Height Directive equipment users must be adequately trained to ensure that they are competent. With the Elite kit external training is not usually necessary and can usually be delivered by the employer with assistance from Miller – again a massive saving when considering that most other manufacturers advise regular and costly training by themselves or a third party professional training company!

Miller safEscape Kit


Rescue Kit


STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41
Miller SafEscape Humidity-Resistant Storage Cases have passed several extremely challenging tests: Vibration, Low Temperature, Dry Heat, and Impact, with great success. With that, these cases are approved to STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41 Standards.

Testing in accordance to STANAG 4280-DEF STAN 81-41
Vibration Test K DEF STAN 81-41: At 25oC, 2 hours of vibration at amplitude of ± 0.23” (± 6 mm) peak (0.46” DA)
from 5 to 9 Hz and ± 2 g peak from 9 to 350 Hz and a sweep rate of 0.75 ± 0.25 octave.
Low Temperature Test G DEF STAN 81-41: Decrease temperature to -20 ± 2oC for 16 ± 5 hours and afterwards
return to 20 ± 10oC.
Dry Heat Test C DEF STAN 81-41: Increase temperature from 25 ± 10oC to 55 ± 2oC, humidity not exceeding 75%,
and maintain conditions for 48 ± 1 hours. Return temperature to 20 ± 10oC.
Impact Vertical Test E DEF STAN 81-41: At 25 ± 10oC, the case is dropped from a height of 1000 ± 5 mm making
sure that the impact is received in all angles of the case.

Ingress Protection (IP) codes - EN 60 529: 1992

Miller SafEscape Humidity-Resistant Storage Cases are IP67 certified. It refers to protection against solid particles (first digit) and liquids (second digit). Therefore 6 means dust-tight (6 being the maximum rating) and 7 means protection against immersion (8 being the maximum rating,  indefinite immersion).


MIL C-4150-J

This is a US military approval for cases under the following conditions: stacking, drop, immersion and humidity.

Environmental tests in accordance to MIL C-4150-J
Weight: Case s loaded from 20 to 64 lbs. (9 to
29 kg )Establish minimum weight required to resist
in accordance with Weight and Drop table. (*)
Impact: Case placed in a chamber with Temperature at +60oC,
removed it from chamber and loaded it with weight and submitted
to incline impacts on each surface. Perform same procedure on the
chamber again with decrease Temperature to –20°
Leak: Kept one hour underwater in a submersion
tank with less Temperature than when it was
sealed outside of the tank.
Drop: Same procedure as Impact but is dropped with weight from
different heights and in different orientations. Drops ensure that
impact is received on all angles of the case.
Reusability: Repeatedly opened and closed for
five times after leak. Visually inspect the case for
Vibration: Cases are placed into a vibration machine with weight
and tested in all positions so that it may be shipped up to a total of
three hours.
Handling: Minimum of two minutes suspension above the floor with weight by one handle or lifting ring. Visual
inspection of damage, failure or deformation.

ATA (Air Transportation Association) - Specification 300

This certificate is specific for packaging in the Airline Industry. It tests the cases as a reusable container for a minimum of 100 round trips. It tests and measures impact and drop resistance.

Impact Test for Category 1 Drop Test for Category 1
Impact of a metal bar of 1.3 in. (3.2 cm) diameter with a hemispherical end, weighing 13 lbs. (6 kg) and being dropped with its longitudinal axis vertical, onto the weakest point of any exterior surface. The drop of the
bar was 1.6 ft. (0,5 m) high.
The case is dropped from 2.5 ft. (76 cm) onto each corner, face and edge with the results of no damage. Secondary tests were done with the inclusion of a secured weight [from 40 to 51 lbs. (18 to 23 kg)].


The inspection of the rescue kit SafEscape Elite Case has to be carried out once a year.Miller safEscape Kit

During the inspection the following points have to be checked:

  • Examination of the SafeEscape Elite Case for external damage
  • Examination of the humidity indicator
  • Examination of the sealing of the case (Polymer Seal)
  • Affixing of a new inspection label and documentation of the inspection.

If the seal is undamaged if the value displayed on the humidity indicator is permissible, it is not necessary to open the case.


  • Body - Polypropylene
  • Latch - ABS
  • Lid O-Ring - Polymer
  • Pins - Stainless Steel
  • Foam - Polyethylene 29 kg/m³
  • Purge Vent - 3 Micro Hydro-phobic Non-Woven PET


  • Temperature Range - -40°/210°F (-40°/99°C)
  • Dimensions (LxWxD) - 31.5-in. x 20.5-in. x 12.4-in (80.2cm x 52cm x 31.6cm)
  • Weight: - 10 kg (21.7 lbs)


CASE (only): IP67, MIL C-4150-J, STANAG 4280 - DEF STAN 81-41, ATA300


SEWPKTC/XXXFT- The XXX indicates the length of rope for the SafEscape unit. Standard kits are available from 50-ft. to 325-ft. in 25-ft.  increments. Example: SEWPKTC/300FT. Kits include: humidity resistant storage case, Miller SafEscape ELITE RDD, hoisting wheel, ladder  bracket, T-bar, edge protector, three anchor slings, three carabiners, pulley, adjustable rope anchor and rescue rope grab.

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