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SAR Alpine Rescue Stretcher Aluminium Construction for Civil Rescue or Mountain rescue Use


Alpine Mountain Rescue Alpine Civil Rescue Alpine Head Guard
Alpine Stretcher Wheels Alpine 1.2m Stretcher Lifting Straps Alpine Handles
 Alpine Stretcher Wheel  (£ 450.00 ) 
 Alpine 1.2m Stretcher lifting straps  (£ 93.75 ) 
 Alpine Head Guard  (£ 65.00 ) 
 Alpine Handles  (£ 195.00 ) 

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Available in 2 models a Civil rescue or Mountain rescue design.

The ALPINE stretchers have been designed taking into account many comments over the years about other stretchers on the market.

The flat bed style of the Alpine stretchers gives excellent security for spinal injuries and makes the loading of the casualty much better than a basket type stretcher, giving far more casualty care. Having Skies under the stretcher is another added advantage over the basket type as they keep the casualty clear of the ground reducing the feel of debris, rocks and stones etc if required to be sledged. The Alpine stretcher is made from 16 swg mild steel tube powder coated. It has been used in the marine environment for over 20 years and by the UK Maritime Coastguard Agency for the last ten years as their first line stretcher.

These Stretchers have been awarded the new contract for the supply of their ALPINE CR and the NEW ALLOY Version of the ALPINE Stretchers. It’s  predisessor the Alphin MR stretcher has been in use by the UK Royal Marines Arctic Warfare group since 1986 and the Norwegian Mountain
troops over the last Ten years. The Alpine stretcher is a technical rescue type stretcher and has been designed for the modern rescue personnel to perform in far more environments than the tubular basket type stretchers.

  • Both styles of the ALPINE can be split for long carries into casualty sites.
  • Both styles fold ski to ski for ease of backpacking by one person this is to reduce bulk on the carriers back and for economical storage.
  • When opened to receive a casualty the stretcher is not reliant on the lock to keep it flat when in a horizontal lift or carry position, however the lock is required when being used in vertical lifting, or sliding/sledging over edges or rough terrain.
  • Both stretchers have the same design of skis made from square tube and they are wider at the head/ trunk end for more stability when sledging.
  • The Mountain Rescue (MR) stretcher has a ski pan set between the head end skis for ease of sliding over rough terrain and snow but more important to protect the casualties back from rocks etc.
  • Both stretchers come with casualty securing straps and Lifting, Winching, Carrying and Dragging/Sledge pulling straps.
  • Both come with storage bag that has a single padded shoulder carrying strap and outside pouch for Inspection Record card.
  • Both will accept the fitting of carrying handles but the MR stretcher they come as standard.
  • Both models accept the wheel and head protection canopy attachments.

Both stretchers conform to:

EC Declaration of conformaty 93/42/EEC concerning medical devices. Article 11 (5) and annex VII Class 1 devices. RAF and the UK Maritime Coast Guard Agency.

Accessories / Ancillary Equipment

  • Carry Handles.
  • Lifting Sling.
  • Head Guard.
  • Wheel.



Dims ALPINE Alloy (Civil Rescue) ALPINE Alloy (Mountain rescue)
Weight (kg) 10.25 11.50
Lifting Straps Length / weight 1.2 metre / 1.4 kg 2.0 metre / 2.45 kg
Length open (mm) 2100 2100
Length folded (mm) 1050 1050
Max width (mm) 600 600
Runner depth (mm) 90 90
Stretcher depth (mm) 120 120
Coating Powder Coated Silver Metallic Powder Coated Silver Metallic


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