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Ridgegear "RGL19" Twin leg Fixed Length Restraint Lanyard. Karabiner options Inc.. Scaffold, Eye Hook and Snaphook- Length 1.8 m

Model:  ATLRL-3753

steel screw gate
Aluminium Doble Action Snap hook
Steel Twist Lock Karabiner
Steel Double Action Snap Hook
Steel Screwgate Aluminium double action snap hook Steel Twist lock Karabiner Steel Double Action Snap Hook
Part N° Rope type End Fittings Guide Price Quantity
3753-T22194 Webbing None £  43.05
3753-T22195 Webbing 2x 60mm Aluminium Double Action Snap Hook Karabiners £  87.55
3753-T22196 Webbing 2x Steel Twist Lock Karabiner £  89.25
3753-T22197 Webbing 2x Double Action Snap Hook £  59.85
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Adjustable restraint lanyard with additional benefit of adjustment to allow for greater flexibility.

Adjustable Twin Leg Restraint Lanyard

Twin leg adjustable restraint lanyard and is industry standard, and normally the minimum equipment issued with a harness for working at height. The 40kN webbing or 12mm nylon used in the manufacture provides greater strength compared to other webbing and systems. The additional benefit of adjust-ability allow for greater flexibility. The lanyard length can be adjusted to suit the application.

It is important to understand the principles of "fall restraint" as the RGL19 can be used for fall restraint, as there is no shock absorption built into the system. If there is any possibility of an operative steeping / falling over an exposed edge, or falling through a fragile surface, a fall arrest product should be used.

This lanyard can be fitted with any compatible EN362 karabiner.

The RGL19 comes in 1.8 meter and fitted with two screw gate karabiners.


  • Accredited to: EN354.
  • Web material: 25mm polyester 40kN or 12mm kernmantle rope
  • Weight 0.4kg.
  • Features: Twin leg webbing adjustable restraint lanyard.
  • Max arrest force: Restraint only.

RGL17 Specifications

(approx. 1.6Mb)

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