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Sala "KJ5024" Double Action Twistlock Aluminium Karabiner. Breaking Strength: 25kN. Gate Opening 21mm

Model:  SKAK-4817

Unit Price £ 33.00  

21mm Aluminium 1/4 Turn Self Locking Karabiner.

Detachable karabiner that can be attached to splices or webbing lanyards, and other PPE products.

The automatic gate closing and locking makes it quick and easy to open with one hand and an ideal choice when the user will frequently opening and closing the connector during a work period,.

Specially suited for work where equipment weight is of upmost importance such as rescue and rope access.

  • Material: Lightweight aluminium alloy.
  • Opening: 21mm.
  • Body finish: Polished.
  • Gate finish: Anodised blue.
  • 1/4 turn twist lock.
  • Weight: 100g.
  • Markings: CE and breaking strength.
Kj5024 Sala Twist Lock Karabiner
Kj5024 Aluminium Twistlock Karabiner

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