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Protecta "AJ593" Double Action Galv Steel Self Locking Pear Shaped Scaffold Hook Karabiner. Breaking Strength 25kN. H 211mm x W 127mm - Gate 50mm

Model:  AJ593 / 5SPH-2986

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Protecta AJ593 Double Action Galvanised Steel Self Locking Pear Shaped Scaffold Hook 50mm Gate Opening
Unit Price £ 45.50  

50mm Steel Pearshaped Hook.

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Twistlock carabiner in galvanised steel

  • 1/4 turn self locking karabiner
  • Material: Galvanised Steel
  • Opening: 50mm
  • Weight: 666g
  • Breaking Strength: >25kN
  • Comes with a Pin


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