Wire Rope End Sockets

Quick Ref: CN-1287


Crosby wedge socket designed especially for high performance rope.

Crosby Wedge Sockets. Includes Socket, Wedge, Pin and Wire Rope Clip.

Crosby Button Spelter Sockets.

Crosby Button spelter sockets are designed for use with mobile cranes, used to terminate high performance, rotation resistant ropes, and standard 6 strand ropes, with rope sizes from 1/2" to 1-1/2". Both the Sockets and buttons are re-usable.  Button Spelter terminations have a 100% efficiency rating, based on the strength of the wire rope. Easy to install assembly utilizes Crosby WIRELOCK socketing compound. Replacement buttons and sockets are available.

Crosby Shank Hooks for Swaging.

The Crosby S-319 swaging shank hook utilizes standard Crosby 319N shank hooks with interlocking hook tip. Each hook has a pre-drilled cam which can be equipped with a latch. They have a black oxide finish on body (Shank is uncoated). Wide range of sizes available. Working Load Limit: 0.4-14 tons. Wire Rope sizes: 3/16" thru 1-1/8". Swage shank hook terminations have an efficiency rating of 95%. Quenched and Tempered. Heat treat process allows for ease of swaging.

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