Other Lifting Pulley Wheels

Quick Ref: CN-1253


Manual safety pulley system with brake designed for temporary lifting installations on construction sites.

Safety Pulley / Gin Wheel fitted with Automatic Brake at 50kg capacity. The exclusive automatic braking system locks the lifted load as soon as the rope is released by the operator. Safety pulley allows all the tasks normally done by the scaffolding erectors: Lifting of loads; lowering of loads and lowering of the empty rope. Suitable for 18-20mm rope (MBS 250kg)

For Use with cable pulling machines from all manufacturers.

Pulley blocks, hinged, with single steel sheave capacity 1000 - 6400 kg. One side of the Yale pulley blocks is hinged and can be opened for easy and quick positioning of the wire rope on the sheave. It can also provide a quick and versatile rigging point or redirect a wire rope.

Available in 4 different models with different capacities and rope diameter: 1000kg-7mm, 2000kg-13mm, 3200kg-15mm, 6400kg-18mm. Available with Optional extra of a Clevis fitting.

Snatch pulley "scissor type" for use with wire rope.

The swing blocks of EC type are mainly used for temporary applications for lifting or pulling. They can be su spended to a fixed or mobile anchorage point with the right strength corresponding to the required load. Thanks to an easy instalment and a light weight, this is the most current block used for repairing operations. These swing blocks are most often used as winch accessory on 4WD cars.

Tractel EC Snatch Pulley Scissor Type are available in the following sizes - 1.6t, 3.2t, 5t, 8t.

Sealed pulley. Tractel ES Simple Yoke Non-opening Pulley  are available in the following sizes - 0.32t, 0.63t, 1.2t.

Western gin wheel blocks with drop forged swivel latch hooks for manila rope.

Used for light housing by roofers and contractors and is furnished with drop forged swivel latch hooks.

Crosby 350B, 350C & 350R Gin Wheel Pulley Sheave Blocks - 450kg

Western gin wheel blocks with drop forged swivel latch hooks for manila rope.

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