SALA Man-Riding Hoists and Rescue Winches

Quick Ref: CN-1584


Manriding winch rated at 204 kg (450 lbs) working load limit with 2 cranking speeds. The UCL Advanced Digital Series Winches are rated for a maximum working load of 450 lbs with an 11:1 safety factor. This winch offers 1 or 2 cranking speeds capable of retrieval/descent at average speeds from 13ft/min (4 m/min) up to 30 ft/min (9 m/min). Available in 3 standard sizes, 100, 200 and 300 Series winches holding up to 300 feet of 3/16" (5mm) diameter cable/rope. This winch also accommodates various diameters of cables up to 3/8" and ropes up to 5/8". All cable/rope assemblies come with a double locking swivel snap hook with overload indicator.

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