Crosby Metric Thread Eyebolts - Non-swivel

Quick Ref: CN-1707


Crosby metric M-279 and Imperial Thread S-279 UNC Shoulder Type Machinery Eye Bolts.

Nut Ring Bolts.

The Crosby G-257 Shoulder Nut Ring Bolts are forged eyebolt that is manufactured from forged steel and are quenched and tempered. They are Hot Dip galvanized (Bolt, Nut and ring) and UNC threaded after galvanising.

The Diameter of ring stock is same as shank diameter and the ring eyebolts are supplied in two safe working loads, 450kg (1200lbs) and 1000kg (2200lbs).

Crosby Unthreaded Forged, Quenched and Tempered Steel Hoisting Eyes.

Crosby Screw Eye Bolts. The Crosby G275 Screw threaded Eyebolts are made from forged Steel and are quenched and Tempered / hot dip galvanised.

Crosby Rivet Eye Bolts.

The range of Crosby S293 Rivet Eye Bolts are made from forged steel that is quenched and tempered. There are 9 options to choose from with different shaft diameters and lengths.

Remember: these are not threaded!

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