Crosby Anchor Shackles (Bow and "D")

Quick Ref: CN-1095
Crosby Shackles are Regarded in Industry as an Exceptionally Well Made, Quality Product. We can supply any Shackle from the crosby range.

The Crosby Group are probably best known around the world for their legendary hot dip galvanised Red Pin lifting shackles available as Bow shackles, D shackles and as wide body lifting shackles. The range is massive with capacities available up to 400 tonne safe working load. Most of the red pin shackles are available with a choice of different types of locating pin though are mainly either Screwpin where the pin screws in to the body of the shackle or safety pin where the pin is captivated by a split pin stopping the pin from vibrating loose, this can be supplied with or with-out a nut. Shackles can meet the performance requirements of US Federal Specification RR-C-271D Type IVA, Grade A, Class 2 and ASME B30.26. Crosby only uses special bar forging quality steel with special cleanliness and guaranteed hardenability. The design of Crosby shackles assure that strength, ductility and fatigue properties are met.

Crosby bow and D Shackles are probably the single most popular item of rigging equipment that we receive enquiries about. Crosby carbon shackles have the highest design factor in the industry at 6:1 FOS, the Crosby Red Pin shackles are world leaders and we believe meet with more international standards than any other shackle manufacturer; they are are common use in the oil and gas industry where quality and safety is most important

  • Red pin shackles from Crosby rigging tackle are available as Bow, D.
  • Round pin shackles, screw pin shackles, alloy screw pin shackles, bolt shackles alloy bolt shackles, anchor shackles, safety shackles, wide body shackles and cold tuff shackles.
  • Crosby shackles are Fatigue rated as well as load rated lifting accessories. We can provide galvanised or self colour. Capacities up to 400 metric tons.
  • Red pin shackles are used for Tie down, towing, suspension and lifting applications, some for side load applications.

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