Spring Balancer Features

Spring balancers are used to relieve the operator from the weight of hand-tools. By using a tapered rope drum the weight of the attached load is compensated, loads up to 200 kg can be moved effortlessly in vertical axis. Common applications are spot-welding guns, riveting-machines,  slaughterhouse equipment and multiple nut-runners etc.


  • Spring balancers model YBF are designed in accordance with DIN 15112.
  • The housing is manufactured from high-tensile aluminium pressure die casting for maximum resistance to impact.
  • The special spring-assembly inside the balancer guarantees a consistent counterbalance throughout the complete working range.

Spring Assembly

Spring assemblies as separate units in a closed steel housing for better handling during maintenance. This design avoids accidents during the  replacement of springs.


spring assembly

Easy Echange of Wire Rope

A small slot in the body facilitates the removal and re-installation of the wire rope without any need to disassemble the unit. Down times during maintenance can be reduced significantly.


Easy exchange

Rope Guide

Rope guide made of wear-resistant nylon for reduced wear of rope and body.
Lifetime of the balancer is increased. The rope guide can be removed and installed on site without disassembling the rope.

rope guide

Adjustment of Spring Tension, Manual Drum-lock

For easy adjustment of the spring tension, the gearbox has been turned 90°. The operator is no longer forced to carry out adjustments at balancer level but can now work comfortably from below.
The rope-drum can be locked manually for an easy exchange of the rope.


Adjustment of spring tension

Load Indicator

A dial gauge has been attached to the front of the spring balancer allowing easy reading of the capacity set.
Advantage: Adjustments of the spring-tension below or above the working load limits are avoided.

load indicator

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