Special manufactured clamps and trolleys for the offshore and Oil and gas industry.

SELS offer our premium range of British manufactured super clamps and trolleys. The range has been designed, manufactured and distributed from here in the UK for decades with an emphasis on quality and durability.


We offer a top quality standard range of often uniquely designed products that can be modified to suit our customer's specific requirements. These truly super clamps and trolleys are often the principal choice for the oil and gas industry all over the world. SELS are offering the capability to manufacture 'Specials', bespoke clamps, we offer the design and manufacturing capability to produce alternative safe working loads and sizes to suit our customers specification / requirements.


Our range of trolleys and clamps are also offered modified for use in potentially explosive environments; spark proof areas such as zone one and Zone 2 areas. We can also provide lifting equipment that is suitable for highly corrosive and marine environments, offshore clamps / trolleys made from stainless steel or with a choice of other corrosion resistant coatings. Through quality and design our clamps have proved to be extremely robust and reliable and are often first choice when customers have the need for lifting gear that needs to be suitable for heavy industrial use; for example our beam clamps are in extensive use in the UK / worldwide coal mining industry, deep mines and opencast mining included. Please contact our sales department for a quotation for special bespoke manufactured products.

Specials Include

  • Spark proof girder clamps and trolleys.
  • Anti-corrosive girder clamps and trolleys.
  • Man riding girder clamps and trolleys.
  • Fork Lift clamps.
  • Gantries.
  • Non-marking clamps.
  • Low headroom clamps.
  • Clamps and trolleys with non-standard working load limits.
  • Clamps and trolleys to suit your requirements.

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