Tirfor Anchoriong Options


This hot dipped galvanised steel auger anchor provides an effective and useful means of anchoring for :

  • guying pylons, posts, etc.
  • anchoring structures.
  • fixed point for pulling or lifting applications.

Depending on the condition of the ground and the size of the load to be moved, one or more ground anchors may be required.


Tractancrage Anchor system
Dimensions Jockey Machines TIRFOR machine
T-508 / TU-8 T-516 / TU-16 T-532 / TU-32
a (mm) 600 800 1200 1500
Ø b (mm) 14 18 25 30
Ø c (mm)
125 150 200 250
Poids (kg) 1.2 3 7 11
WLL depending on ground condition (kg) 500 - 1000kg 1000 - 2000kg 2000 - 4000kg 4000 - 6000kg


Coni-Klam Wire Rope Gripper

This wire rope gripper can quickly lengthen wire ropes or slings. The wire rope is held by a pair of jaws, which are slightly serrated and which give a positive lock by a self-gripping wedge.

  • manufactured in forged steel.
  • no risk of incorrect usage.
  • immediate adjustment to the required position.
  • does not damage the wire ropes.
  • high safety factor.
 CONI-KLAM Wire rope gripper Ref. EC 10 EC 14 EC 21
Range of wire rope ø (mm) 5 -10 10.5 - 14 15 - 21
Capacity (kg) 1000 2000 3000
Weight (kg) without shackle 1.2 2.6 5.4
Weight (kg) with shackle 1.6 3.7 7.5

Ground Anchor with Spikes


 Ground Anchor system

To provide a fixed anchor point in the ground or even in sand.

Available with - 2 Anchor points or 3 Anchor points.

Further technical details coming soon.

WLL dependant on ground condition.


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