In today’s workplace, where speed and efficiency are project requirements, the purchase of an ExoFit NEXTM harness is an investment in productivity. The perfect harness gives workers the freedom and confidence to function to the maximum of their ability. Innovative safety devices and groundbreaking design features – such as Integrated Suspension Relief Straps sewn into the harness, Duo-LokTM quick-connect buck- les, and a covered pocket with elastic sides to store personal items – permit wearers to work smart, fast and safe.


Manufactured items – even of the highest quality – will lose their ability to perform over time. ExoFit NEXTM harnesses aim to challenge this conventional thinking. Designed using materials of lasting strength, including Repel Technology webbing and Tech-LiteTM D-rings made from aircraft aluminium, ExoFit NEXTM harnesses can withstand the most sevier demands day in, day out. They are built to perform to the highest standards in the harshest environments.
Sala Exofit 11139 Series 1 Sala Exofit 11139 Series 2

Although many in the industry see our harnesses as having no equal, we continue to improve, refine and innovate. If there’s a stronger, lighter material, we want to introduce it. If there’s a better method for producing a stronger, more comfortable harness, we want to develop it. ExoFit NEXTM harnesses represent the culmination of extensive research, and the implementation of new designs using the latest breakthrough materials. Rest assured, when you purchase an ExoFit NEXTM harness, you can be confident that you are purchasing a harness of the highest quality.


Equipment designed for safety doesn’t have to be uncomfort- able. True to that principle, we manufacture harnesses using materials that won’t add unnecessary weight. We add moisture wicking padding wherever appropriate to keep you dry and cool all day. And because we also believe that the harness should in no way interfere with or distract wearers from performing their jobs, we implement critical adjustment features that enable a perfect fit.


Please refer to the image below to determine which size harness will be right for you.
Sala Exofit Sizing Grid
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