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Tractel TOPAL CR C-Hook for Lifting and Turning Coils - Range from 500kg to 2000kg

Model:  Tractel TOPAL CR / TT-3296

Tractel TOPAL CR C-Hook for Lifting and Turning Coils - 500kg to 2000kg
Part N° Capacity (kg) Coil Width (mm) Guide Price Quantity
50078/CR05 50-120
500 50-120 £  408.99
50088/CR1 70-140
1000 70-140 £  478.65
50098/CR2 100-200
2000 100-200 £  637.08
50108/CR2 160-330
2000 160-330 £  739.33
NOTE: This item has separate transport costs (£ 15.00)
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Tractel CR C-hook.

Tractel Topal CR C-hook

Lifting of coils and/ or turning over from the horizontal to the vertical position and vice versa.

These accessories are fitted with a swivel shoe, locked during transport and therefore securing it which also permits the load progressive and regular turning. An operating handle makes the positioning easier.


  • Turning: locate the shoe into the coil central hole thanks to the operating handle. Lift both C-hook and coil by moving the lifting means. The articulated shoe ensures a progressive turning and completes the lifting means movement. Once the coil has been set down, take out the C-hook thanks to the handle.
  • Lifting: locate the shoe inside the coil central hole thanks to the handle and perform lifting. The shoe locks itself, thus allowing the safe transport of the load.


  • Manufacture without load bearing welds.
  • Hot epoxy coating.
  • Safety factor: 4 in accordance with the European Materials Handling Federation (1998 FEM 3rd edition); working group A5 and lifting speed 60 m/ mn.
  • Working temperature: -20° to +100°C.



Model Capacity (kg) Coil Width (mm)
CR05 50-120 500 50-120
CR1 70-140 1000 70-140
CR2 100-200 2000 100-200
CR2 160-330 2000 160-330



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