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LiftingSafety Aluminium "T-Davit" Designed Davits with WLL to 500kg And/Or Manriding

Model:  T-3476

T-DavitSystem from Reid Lifting
T-Davit System with Hoist
T-Davit System T-Davit System with Hoist
Powder coated Davit Extension Tubes
Flush Mount Socket
Bridge Mount Socket
Flush Mount Socket
Extension Poles for use with the T-davit system.
Top Mounted Socket
Side Mount Socket
Powder coated Davit Extension Tubes Flush Mount Socket Bridge Mount Socket Flush Mount Socket Extension Poles for use with the T-davit system Top Mounted Socket Side Mount Socket
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Maximum Reach (mm) ?
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Lightweight, portable, safe custom units that are also certified for man-riding and manufactured to customers specification

One size fits all? Not in the lifting market where organisations are routinely faced with extreme or unusual lifting challenges. Off the shelf lifting products often don’t offer the flexibility and adaptability to cope with more challenging situations. Innovative T-DAVIT design and manufacturing stand head and shoulders above others in the market, being lightweight, portable, custom designed and manufactured around the specific needs of the individual.


  • Lightweight, Portable, Safe, Custom Units to meet specific challenging requirements:
  • Manual Handling compliant.
  • Reduced Maintenance costs.
  • Easy transportation and storage.
  • Bagged for easy transportation and storage.
  • WLL to 500kg with a beam reach of up to 2 metres (Load/radius dependant with radius adjustment in 100mm increments).
  • Unique ultra-low friction bearing for ease of turning under full load - 360° rotation under finger tip control.
  • Fits standard Reid sockets and Extensions (not currently for use with Porta-Base).
  • Allows easier access to the load that needs to be lifted.
  • Rapid assembly of just 2 main pieces.
  • Winch or shackle options.

T-Davit - Safety and Use Features

  • Suitable for challenging industrial to clean environments.
  • Corrosion resistant (anodised) meaning low maintenance.
  • Manual handling compliance without mechanical aids,
  • Internal bearing system - 360° rotation under finger tip control easy from any angle.
  • All systems tested to 150% of WLL prior to shipment.
T-DavitSystem from Reid Lifting

Bespoke Configuration of the T-Davit system

  • Customised units that meet most applications.
  • Standard elements are utilised to tailor each davit.
  • Winched versions are available to 500kg.
  • Operating radius up to 2.0 metres (2000mm).
  • Total bespoke development will always be considered under consultancy.

Customisation Options

  • WLL to 500Kg (Radius dependent).
  • Height and Radius customisable.
  • Radius adjustment in 100mm increments from 500mm to 2m.
  • Ultra low friction bearing system.
  • Weight - within Manual Handling guidelines.
  • Anodised finish – suitable for clean environments.
  • Simple, rapid assembly- 2 piece design, no tools required.
  • Portable - Flat-pack in two heavy duty bags – high utility & manual handling compliant.
  • Winch or shackle (x2) use.
  • Customisable.

Example Dimensional Drawing

T-Davit Dimensional Drawing


These sockets are designed to suit Davit systems and CE requirements for Declaration of Conformity and Incorporation and we provide the following options as standard (as well as customised solutions on request):

All sockets are also available in stainless steel and can be colour coated upon request.


Flush Mount socket c/w re-bars for casting into concrete c/w cover, manufactured in galvanised mild steel (GMS).

Flush Mount Socket

Flush Mount socket c/w cover for resin bonding into existing concrete, manufactured in GMS.

Flush Mount Socket

Side Mount socket, suitable for mounting on the side of concrete or steel structures, manufactured in GMS. For thin-walled concrete a brace plate can be supplied.

Side Mount Socket

Top Mount sockets c/w cover, suitable for bolting into existing concrete or steel structures, manufactured in GMS.

Top Mounted Socket

Bridge Mount sockets, suitable for bolting into steel structures, for flush mount facility in walkways / bridges, manufactured in GMS.

Bridge Mount Socket




Socket Extension in lightweight alloy, of custom height 500mm, 800mm or 1,100mm to raise operating position of the Porta-Davit, (not suitable for use with the PORTA-BASE) complete with carry and positioning handles.

Standard socket extensions:

  • SE0500-0500 – 500mm
  • SE0500-0800 – 800mm
  • SE0500-1100 – 1,100mm.
Extension Poles for use with the T-davit system.

Optional Yellow finish for Hi Vis sockets & Extensions:

  • Paint Specification:
  • RAL 1018 Gloss (yellow)
  • Products are powder coated to BS6496
  • Tested to BS 7479.
Powder coated Davit Extension Tubes



All thesesockets & extensions have been designed, developed and tested for safe use with Reid’s equipment and form a key part of the integrity of the total system.

  • All PD500 Sockets have a WLL of 500KG and 1000kg for the PD1000
  • All sockets supplied in Galvanised Mild Steel or Stainless Steel (316L grade, passivated).

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