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Camlok "DBV300" Crane Slung Scissor Action Drum Grab For Steel Drums 400-600mm Diameter - 300kg

Model:  Camlok DBV300 / SDG-379

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Camlok Scissor Drum Grab.

The DBV Grab is designed to lift and transport steel or plastic drums in the vertical position. The “V” shaped jaws are lined with hard wearing rubber ribbed pads,thus ensuring the drum is gripped firmly when being lifted the jaws support pivot and remain vertical when lifting gripping diameters of 400-600mm. The grab can be fitted with an automatic open close device enabling the operator to stack drums remotely from floor level.The grab can be designed to suit other drum diameters.


  • Drums can be stacked entirely by remote right from floor level.
  • The grabs jaws are fitted with ribbed rubber pads.
  • This particular drum grab can be fitted with an automatic open / close device.
  • Designed for the vertical lift and transport steel drums.
  • The drum is firmly gripped when being transported.
  • Scissor Jaw-supports pivot and enable the grab to remain vertical when lifting.
Automatic Open / Close Device

Technical Specifications

Model WLL Drum Dia. (mm) Weight (kg) A (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm) G (mm) H (mm) K (mm)
DBV 300kg 400 - 600 65 1040 950 90 600 200 400 15 34 400

Camlok DBV Scissor Grab Specifications

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