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Sala Flexiguard "C Frame" Overhead Fall Arrest System, Anchor Height options From 3.8m to 11.8m

Model:  SFOS-4738

Part N° Anchor Height (m) Rail Width (m) No. of Users Guide Price Quantity
3.8-5.85 3 2 Quote Required
3.8-5.85 6.1 2 Quote Required
5.3-8.8 4.6 2 Quote Required
5.3-8.8 6.1 2 Quote Required
6.8-11.8 4.6 2 Quote Required
6.8-11.8 6.1 2 Quote Required
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Sala fall arrest overhead gantry system, adjustable height options available upto 11.8 metre.

Dbi Sala Flexiguard C Frame Solution Application

The FlexiGuard C-Frame System is a versatile fall arrest solution for working at heights, and is CE certified. Used in the transport, aviation, mining and construction sectors. It is designed to be moved manually or with the use of a tow bar and service vehicle, and will require some clearance under the equipment being accessed to accommodate outrigger support legs.

SALA has created a proven process for developing unique solutions, whether it’s an existing or modified product, or an entirely new design. FlexiGuard always meets the requirements of your specific application. All of SALA's systems are extremely durable and built to last with world-class quality, materials and workmanship. They are unique solutions to unique challenges, and fall protection you can trust.

Product Features

  • C-Frame rail fall arrest system
    Versatile system slides under structure providing an overhead anchorage point, horizontal mobility and fall protection for two workers.
  • Adjustable height overhead rail
    Adjustable by manually cranking winch and is ideal in areas with overhead obstructions or door height limitations.
  • Fixed width for horizontal mobility
    Enables users to travel entire width or length of rail for complete protection over the structure.
  • Heavy duty 0.4 m (16 in.) pneumatic wheels
    Lightweight system can be pushed into place by two workers or with optional toe bar can be driven into place by service vehicle.
  • Requires some clearance under equipment being accessed
    Designed to roll under structure so overhead rail system is directly above work area providing full mobility and protection across the structure.
  • Durable aluminum and steel construction
    Powder coated and zinc plated materials ensure corrosion resistant indoor and outdoor use providing extended longevity.
  • Maintenance free extruded aluminum rail
    Enclosed rail helps keep debris and the weather elements out extending product life and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Visual level indicators
    Enables user to easily set-up and level the system through multiple height and width adjustments.
  • Provides overhead sliding anchor points for two personnel
    Extends the workers movement and protection to over the entire length of the rail for added productivity and safety.
  • Rigid rail design reduces fall clearance requirements
    A rigid type anchor does not deflect like a cable horizontal lifeline system, reducing overall fall clearance needed and preventing the worker from hitting the ground.
  • Heavy duty leveling jacks
    Easily level system on smooth or uneven surfaces for optimum operation and stability for added safety.
  • Standard and custom designs available
    If you don't see what you need, our experts will walk you through a simple 3-step process to develop a custom solution for your application.
  • Specialized installation and training available
    Support and service that is second to none from the start of the project throughout the life of the product for added peace of mind.


Part Number Adjustable Anchor Height (m) Rail Width (m)
No. of Users
8567701 3.8-5.85 3 2
8567705 3.8-5.85 6.1 2
8567707 5.3-8.8 4.6 2
8567709 5.3-8.8 6.1 2
8567711 6.8-11.8 4.6 2
8567713 6.8-11.8 6.1 2
Sala C System Front
Sala C System Side
Sala C System Top
Sala Flexiguard C System - Front Sala Flexiguard C System - Side
Sala Flexiguard C System - Top


Examples of Industry use

Adjustable Free Standing Horizontal Rail System  C
Portable Fall Arrest System
Adjustable Free Standing Horizontal Rail System  B

FlexiGuard Brochure

(approx. 0.8Mb)
Flexiguard C Frame Rail Fall Arrest System Assembly Instructions.pdf

Flexiguard C Frame Rail Fall Arrest System Assembly Instructions

(approx. 1.6Mb)

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