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Miller Soll "Crane Descender" Automatic Evacuation Rescue Descender Block Steel Cable Lanyard with Snap Hook - 12m or 30 Metre

Model:  1CD-2577

Miller Soll Crane Descender Automatic Evacuation Rescue Descender

Block with 12m or 30m Steel Cable with Snap Hook


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Miller Soll Crane Descender.Retractable Automatic Personal Evacuation Descender EN341

There are countless uses for our Miller Soll  Retractable Automatic personal Evacuation Descender. Amongst the most common would be an emergency evacuation from a crane cabin, though it would also be suitable for any means of emergency escape or evacuation from an elevated working position. As this product  is commonly called a 'crane descender' they are often overlooked as a solution to other height safety situations.

In most circumstances this descender would be permanantly attached to a suitable certified anchorage point, such as an EN795 eye bolt which we can supply if necessary. This eye bolt would then be connected to a suitable steelwork structure, such as the roof of the crane cab. This is a simple to use solution, using the Steel Cable Automatic Descender which once installed only requires the worker in need of rescue to connect a karabiner to his harness and then step over the edge to safety. With this scenario it is improtant that the descender is located so that the rope is not fouled by obstructing steelwork during an emergency evacuation.

Alternatively, if the crane cab may has an escape hatch fabricated into the cabin floor with the descender fitted permanently to the eye bolts located directly above this hatch. Other systems include the installation of an EN795 certified Davit Arm to the existing structure. The davit arm would swing over the falling edge, and would therefore make the emergency evacuation and rescue easier, preventing the cable from fouling against the steelwork.

The unit is available with two cable lengths at 12 & 30 metre.

Being of a retractable steel wire rope design, this product eliminates the possibility of the lifeline tangling or knotting as is possible with rope based systems. All this is achieved without compromising on the size of the unit, which is more compact in comparison to similar products that are available within the industry.

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Crane Descender 12m Crane Descender 30m

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