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LiftingSafety Low Headroom Cantilever Hoist Man-riding / Materials to Customers Specification, Endless HOL. Electric / Pneumatic Powered

Model:  PCMS-3529

Powered Cantilever Man-riding and Rescue Hoist System
Fully Reversed Powered Cantilever Man-riding and Rescue Hoist System
Fixed Hoist Powered Cantilever Man-riding and Rescue System
Removable Hoist Unit Hoist Loading Position of Removable Hoist Unit Fixed Hoist Version
Max. Weight to be Hoisted
Hoist Length (trolley to trolley)
Beam Size to which Unit is to be Fitted
Trolley Travel
Height of Lift (raised to lowered hook)
Power Supply Available
Hoist Fixing
Upper Limit Switch
Environment to be Used (please describe)
Structure Finish Type
Hoist Finish Type
Overload Alarm
Pendant Length

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Cantilever manriding access and rescue hoist, power lift and travel with optional fall arrest. Modular lightweight construction from aluminium.

Low Head Room Cantilever Lifting Hoist

This Product is no longer available please see Liftingsafety Fall Arrest & Man Riding Systems For Alternatives.



SELS offer our low headroom man riding system for permanent or temporary installations, specifically designed for rescue and/or suspended work access applications where traditionally a davit Arm may have been utilised. Our man hoist system does not take up the floor area that a davit jib crane needs and neither does it expose the operator / rescuer to the falling edge. IE, with a davit jib the operator needs to reach over the edge to swing the arm through 180 degrees, with our 'Long Trolley' design the casualty / worker will be maneuvered over the handrail without the operator needing to expose them self to any potential fall. Davit systems may not be suitable because the structure does not have adequate strength at its perimeter and therefore the use if an existing lifting beam with this system may be appropriate and cost effective. A davit means using what usually a quite small socket / base that needs to be positioned at the edge of the building and this results in a great deal stress on the structural steel due to the point loading of the socket.

This system is designed / tailored specifically to suit our customers individual needs. The first illustration is for temporary installations and shows an exposed offshore application with very little headroom between platform levels, therefore we designed a bespoke low headroom system where the electric hoist and vertical arm could be removable having the dual benefit of removing the head bump hazard and protecting the equipment from the weather when not in use. The scissor lift table is used to maneuver and transport the hoist from storage to working area then lift the hoist to the required height for installation; thus avoiding manual handling. The second illustration is more suited for permanent installations and has the hoist mounted directly to the underside of the lifting beam. Both applications can be used with manual trolleys (push and geared) or electric travel trolleys.

There is no maximum working height as the electric hoist unit can be fitted with an on-board cable reeler up to 60 metre or with an independent cable reeler to the customers specification. We can supply in single phase and 3 phase to suit most power supplies.

Overload Alarm

  • Overload alarm. The overload is factory set (to the customers requirements) as an audible warning to the operator of the hoist that the user may have become accidental caught and therefore not to continue hoisting.

Hoist Features

  • Free running wire rope reeler or independent reeler
  • End limit switch dependant on application
  • Working load limit variable dependant on user application
  • Cable reeling drum with 40 metre Non-rotating wire rope Ø 8mm, 60 metre version available on request.
  • 110v, 220v or 415v (single or 3 phase) power options.
  • 48v Pendent Control with Up/Down and emergency stop, 3m cable.
  • Optional offshore version
  • Fast lifting speeds
  • Powered or manual beam trolleys.
  • Manufactured specially to suit or customers installation / requirements. 
  • Painted, galvanised or suitable for offshore use.

We offer many 'set-up' scenarios for example when used for suspended work access we would incorporate the use of a fall arrest retriever.
When a person is suspended while working at height there is the always a risk of falling due to equipment / winch failure and therefore the man-riding system should incorporate means of arresting a potential fall - The Fall arrest plan! The system must also incorporate a way to retrieve the casualty after the arrested fall - the rescue plan!

For this man riding application (suspended work at height) we offer an independent fall arrest system, for example a fall arrest inertia reel with integrated retrieval winch (rescue winch) Should a fall occur the inertia reel automatically activates then the integrated rescue winch is used to raise the casualty to safety.

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the suitability and strength of the overhead lifting beams used in this application.
Contact our sales team for a quotation and for advise on equipment to suit your your needs.

Removable Hoist Unit

Powered Cantilever Man-riding and Rescue Hoist System

Hoist Loading Position of Removable Hoist Unit

Fully Reversed Powered Cantilever Man-riding and Rescue Hoist System

Fixed Hoist Version

Fixed Hoist Powered Cantilever Man-riding and Rescue System

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