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Pfaff Silverline HWK KLS Workshop Cranes - 500kg or 1000kg SWL

Model:  HWK KLS / PS-3207

Pfaff HWK KLS Chassis II Form
Pfaff Silverline Workshop Cranes dims
Pfaff Silverline Workshop Cranes Pfaff Silverline Workshop Cranes dimensions
Part N° Model Chassis form Lifting capacity (kg) Unit Price Quantity
HWK KLS 0.5 II (parallel) 500kg £  796.00
HWK KLS 0.5 V (v-shaped) 500kg £  753.00
HWK KLS 1.0 II (parallel) 1000kg £  848.00
HWK KLS 1.0 V (v-shaped) 1000kg £  808.00
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Pfaff Silberblau Silverline HWK KLS workshop crane.

Power really can be this comfortable. When adaptability is required, the HWK KLS workshop crane is the master of  versatility. In both versions for either 0,5 t or 1,0 tonnes lifting capacity, both with a parallel or V-shaped chassis, you have a device to cope with every conceivable workshop requirement. The rotatable hydraulic system provides for absolute operating convenience even in confined spaces. Moreover, the pump raises the cantilever arm to a height of 2080 mm in overdrive with just 30 pump movements. And it does all this with the utmost safety, thanks to the specially designed chassis and the parking wheel brake supplied as standard which hold the crane firmly in position. Once the job has been completed the crane can be quickly and easily folded together and stored away again by just one person.

Features include:

  • A hydraulic system that can rotate for use in confined spaces.
  • Parking brake fitted as standard to secure the crane firmly in position.
  • Cantilever arm can raise to 2080mm & can be extended to suit applications.
  • Quickly and easily folded away by one person.
Pfaff Silverline Workshop Cranes

Crane Specifications:

Model Dims   HWK KLS 0.5 HWK KLS 0.5 HWK KLS 1.0 HWK KLS 1.0
Chassis form     II V II V
Total cantilever arm length   mm 1430 1430 1430 1430
Admissible load for A1 kg/mm 500/1130 500/1130 1000/1130 1000/1130
crane arm length A2 kg/mm 400/1230 400/1230 800/1230 800/1230
Max. hook height with cantilever arm in/out A3 kg/mm 350/1330 350/1330 700/1330 700/1330
Underclearance height A4 kg/mm 250/1430 250/1430 500/1430 500/1430
Drive-through height with B/C mm 2080/2200 2080/2200 2080/2200 2080/2200
cantilever arm lowered F mm 160 160 160 160
Chassis length incl. wheels G mm 1680 1680 1680 1680
Chassis width: H mm 1820 1820 1820 1820
External/internal I/J mm 990/850 990/850 990/850 990/850
Rear width K mm 620 620 620  620
Hand power for nominal load   daN 16 16 32 32
Lift per pump movement (with load/without load)   mm 90/30 90/30 90/30 90/30
Unladen weight   kg 150 150 150 150
Pfaff Silverline Workshop Cranes dims

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