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Sala Advanced "Catwalk Clamp" Davit Arm. Designed to Clamp to a suspended Access Walkway!

Model:  Catwalk Clamp / DCC-3543

Ucl Catwalk clamp
Standard Reach Davit Top Fixed Pole
Long Reach Davit Top Fixed Pole
Extension Poles
Catwalk Clamp Standard Reach Davit Top Large Reach Davit Top Extension Poles
Manual Winch
Powered Winch
Rsq Self Rescue
Manual 2 Speed Winch Powered Winch with Manual Backup RSQ Retrieval Block
Davit Arm Systems & Components
System reach / davit top
Davit top with fixed pole
Catwalk Clamp
Extension Poles ?
Winch Options
RSQ Retrieval Block

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Suspended Walk Way Davit System Catwalk Clamp with a wide choice of man-riding hoists and fall arrest blocks.

Sals (UCL) Advanced Catwalk Clamp Example of use

Confined Space Entry Davit System for Manriding, Fall Arrest and Rescue Applications.

A temporary davit Arm system made from light weight aluminium for use with the Advanced Davit Hoist Systems, providing a portable anchorage system for use on suspended walkways; used on mezzanine and concrete floors. Fully adjustable and supplied with working equipment for manriding, fall arrest and rescue to suit our customers.

The Sala (previously UCL) Advanced Series Hoist Systems are designed for all types of manriding, fall arrest and rescue applications including manhole and confined space entry / retrieval and rescue applications. These are top of the range units, they are constructed from lightweight materials, mainly high-strength aluminum and are extremely portable.

This is a very versatile and adaptable / customizable confined space entry kit built around a  fully adjustable horizontal jib arm. All Davits are fully customised to match your individual bespoke requirements and can be assembled to a maximum height of 3378mm and maximum reach of 1219mm.

Designed to secure to the underside of elevated walkways, catwalks & mezzanines. This option offers a flexible means of tank entry into challenging areas.  Custom inner tube lengths available for different width walkways.


  • Portable: Light weight modular design
  • Versatility: Height and reach adjustable
  • Catwalk Clamp: No davit sockets required
  • Build Quality: Strong and stable - Top quality design and manufacture form one of the worlds premium height safety manufacturers.
  • Hoisting Options: Large range of hoists up to 300 feet height of lift - manual and electric / pneumatic hoists.
  • Fall Arrest and Rescue: Many options for fitting fall arrest inertia reels with retrieval capabilities (rescue winch).



Daivit Configuration

Davit Components

  1. Primary Pulley.
  2. Secondary Pulley.
  3. Auxilary Suspension Point.
  4. Inertia  Reel.
  5. "Fine" Height / Reach Adjustment Screw.
  6. Fall arrest inertia real with backup retrieval winch.
  7. Reach "length" Adjust.
  8. Man lifting winch - Manual handle or powered via overload clutch drill attachment.
  9. Davit top / davit arm assembly (modular).
  10. Extension Pole.
  11. RSQ - Self rescue block.

Davit Components

DimensionsAvailable adjustments to the Sala Advanced Catwalk Clamp


  Adjustments Dimensions (mm)
Min Max
(1) - Catwalk Clamp Depth (thickness of walkway)
0 530
(2) - Length adjustment (width of walkway)
(3) - Socket base height adjustment (height fine adjustment)
(4) - Leg Height Adjustment (8512900) - For small reach davits
1330 1430
(4) - Leg Height Adjustment (8520887) - For long reach davits
2597 2698.8


Catwalk Clamp

Designed to secure to the underside of elevated walkways, catwalks & mezzanines.

This option offers a flexible means of tank entry into challenging areas. The 8515071 Outer Tube is not required when using the catwalk clamp. Custom inner tube lengths available for different width walkways.


1 x 8520866

1 x 8513593

1 x 8511111

2 x 8512900 or 2 x 8520887.


Advanced Catwalk Clamp Technical Drawing

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