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Yale BMZ Integrated Hydraulic Puller Kit - Range from 6000kg to 11,000kg

Model:  Yale BMZ / BHPK-3633

BMZ-Integrated Hydraulic Puller Kits
BMZ Integrated Hydraulic Puller Kits
Part N° EAN-No.4025092* Max. pulling force (t) Piston stroke (mm) Weight (kg) Unit Price Quantity
*154499 6 82 4.9 £  358.00
*154505 8 82 6.6 £  398.00
*154512 11 82 8 £  492.00
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Integrated hydraulic puller kit.

Max. pulling force 6, 8 and 11 t

These professional puller sets are designed for removing and installing pressed fit parts such as gears, couplings, bearings, wheels, pulleys, axles, shafts, brake drums, and many other pressed fit components.All puller sets are stored in a robust storage box. The pullers provide time and cost savings, as they offer a high level of working safety and can operate in all positions.


  • High pulling capacities, precise control.
  • High working safety.
  • Time and cost saving.
  • All puller sets are complete and "ready for use".
BMZ-Integrated Hydraulic Puller Kits

Technical data model BMZ

Model EAN-No.4025092* Max. pulling force (tonnes) Piston stroke (mm) Weight (kg)
BMZ-8 *154505 8 82 6.6
BMZ-11 *154512 11 82 8.0
BMZ-6 *154499 6 82 4.9

Dimensions model BMZ

Model BMZ-6 BMZ-8 BMZ-11
Reach max. A, mm 160 200 230
Diameter Ø B, mm 200 250 280
Length C, mm 320 320 345

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