Yoke Snatch Block Pulley Sheaves

Quick Ref: CN-1461


Pulley Block Fitted with Bow Shackle.

Range suitable for wire rope sizes 5/16"to 1-1/8" (metric: 8mm to 29mm) Available in capacities from 2 tonnes to 20 tonnes Supplied with model number, wire diameter and working load limit. Manufactured With Bronze Bushings and Grease fitting for ease of use and extended sheave life Supplied with dachromated shackles for corrosion resistance and longer life

Snatch Block with Shackle are available in the following sizes - 2t/Sheave diameter 3in, 4t/sheave diameter 4.5in, 8t/sheave diameter 6in 12t/sheave diameter 6in, 15t/sheave diameter 15t/sheave diameter 10in, 15t/sheave diameter 12in, 20t/sheave diameter 8in, 20t/sheave diameter 10in,  20t/sheave diameter 12in.

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