Wire Rope Sleeves

Quick Ref: CN-1288


Crosby National Steel Swaging Sleeves. Standard Steel Sleeve terminations have efficiency ratings as follows based on the catalogue strength of wire rope. The QUIC-PASS swaging system allows "Flemish style" wire rope terminations to be swaged in only two passes. Resulting in a 50-75% reduction in the number of passes required with conventional swaging systems. This is accomplished while maintaining currently published efficiency ratings and utilizing National Swage S-505 Standard "Cold Tuff" Steel Sleeves.

Crosby COLD TUFF Swage Buttons. Cold Tuff Buttons are made from Special processed, low carbon steel. "COLD TUFF " for better swageability. These swage button terminations have an efficiency rating of 98% based on the catalogue strength of wire rope.

National Swage Duplex Sleeves - COLD TUFF Duplex Non-Tapered Sleeves. "Cold Tuff " for better swageability, made of Special processed low carbon steel which Resists cracking when swaged (equals or exceeds stainless steel sleeves). For turnback wire rope splicing. Turnback terminations have efficiency ratings of 94% based on the catalogue strength of wire rope. Designed for lower temperature toughness.

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