Tractel EN795 RSJ Anchorage Points

Quick Ref: CN-1637


Tractel Corso Beam Clamp Anchor with adjustable threaded bar, EN795 Class B

This hitching clamp is equipped with an anchoring ring, with a compact and strong construction; this can also be quickly and easily adjusted with its removable handle. It's adjustable from 75mm to 235mm.

Push travel man-riding / fall arrest / rescue beam trolley mobile anchor point.

The rollbeam mobile anchorage device is used to create a permanent or semi-permanent anchorage fitted on an H-shaped bar. The trolley moves along the lower flange of the bar, fitted with a ring for attaching the block for retractable lifeline or a standard lifeline. Adjustable from 58mm to 220mm depending on the width of the flange.

Roll Clamp Dover Clamp Beam Anchor Point which Rolls along an R.S.J. The Tractel Rollclamp (dover clamp) beam anchors are mobile anchorage devices which meet the requirements of construction workers who require the capability to work safely while retaining freedom of movement. The dover clamp has 4 rollers which enable it to follow the construction worker as he moves on the structure, with minimum effort from the worker.

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